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Guide to Platinum Engagement Rings & Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum is a fantastic choice of precious metal for engagement rings and wedding rings. Unlike other precious metals, Platinum offers incredible quality and resistance to wear. 

Our Platinum rings guide aims to help anyone unsure about which metal to choose. Platinum makes an ideal choice for both engagement rings and wedding rings. Furthermore,  Platinum is ideal for diamond wedding rings. It represents the very best in terms of quality and price. 

Our buyers guide helps explain many questions. In addition, we explore the pros and cons of this wonderful metal. Or, follow the links below to browse our Platinum jewellery designs. 

Now is the best time to purchase Platinum for an Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring.

If you're considering which precious metal to purchase, Platinum is a great choice. To explain, the price of Platinum remains lower than it has been for some time. 

Today, Platinum makes a more affordable choice than 18 carat Gold or Palladium! The lower price of Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings results from changes in the use of Platinum within the motor industry. The reduction of Diesel vehicles means less Platinum usage by the car industry. 

The resulting worldwide fall in the Platinum price creates the perfect opportunity to buy Platinum jewellery. For this reason, Platinum is more affordable at this time. 

Price chart for Platinum (5 Years) Courtesy BullionVault

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a dense, malleable, ductile, and highly unreactive. In detail, it is a precious, grey-white transition metal. It's name originates from Platina, the Spanish for Silver. 

The Periodic table Symbol is Pt. Discovered by Antonio de Ulloa in 1735, we now use Platinum in multiple industries. In addition, the jewellery industry favours this precious metal for several reasons.

A Little More About Platinum

Platinum is a naturally allergy free metal and keeps its silver colour. To emphasise, its natural colour does not fade or discolour. 

Scratches and wear only displace the precious metal. As a result, Platinum is extremely hard wearing and durable. Over time, scratches and wear lead to a natural even finish on an item of jewellery. 

Re-polishing Platinum restores the surface to the original mirror shine. Many brides arrange a thorough clean and refinish when they order their Wedding Rings. As a result, both the engagement ring and wedding ring match with a pristine polished finish. Most importantly, they look as-new for the big day. 

The weight of a Platinum diamond ring compared to a White Gold ring. 

Plain Platinum rings weigh approximately a third heavier than 18ct White Gold rings. For this reason, Platinum feels heavier. In addition it feels luxurious. 

Platinum settings for diamonds

Platinum offers excellent protection for a diamond. It makes the perfect ring. Contrary to popular belief, Platinum is less malleable than 18ct Gold. For this reason, it bends less. 

Platinum settings make perfect choices for holding diamonds. A Platinum setting makes great sense. 

As mentioned earlier, Platinum keeps its colour. By comparison, White Gold needs plating from time to time. To explain, a Rhodium plating goes onto White Gold during finishing. 

Rhodium hides the off-white colour of White Gold. White Gold appears to tarnish as Rhodium wears away. Platinum, however, does not change colour. For this reason, many buyers choose Platinum engagement rings and Platinum wedding rings. 

The Platinum Hallmark (UK) 

The following image shows some of the marks associated with UK hallmarks for 950 Platinum. 

Typically, 950 the number representing the 95% purity of Platinum appears in a rectangular with a roof. Sometimes, it appears with a set of scales within a diamond shape with 950. 

Within some jewellery, the word Plat or Platinum appears. Some jewellers use the shortened word Plat when listing items of jewellery. 

Most precious metals are metal alloys. A combination of precious and non precious base metals in different percentages. 950 Platinum is Platinum alloyed with Cobalt or Ruthenium. 

950 Platinum is 95% pure Platinum. To explain, 950 parts per thousand. 

Finally the Platinum Orb within a Pentagon shaped. Additionally, a letter for the year, and sponsor's mark might be present within the hallmark. 

Why Platinum Over Gold or Palladium for Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings?

In our experience, many clients choose Platinum above 18ct Gold for their Engagement Ring due to the following 2 reasons. 

1. Platinum is naturally silver in colour : White Gold features a Rhodium plating. Due to its 75% Gold content natural white gold appears tinted yellow. Some describe this as straw coloured. 

The final finishing process adds a hard white Rhodium plating.  This eventually wears to reveal the natural off-white colour of the Gold underneath. 


2. Easier to size :  Platinum engagement rings can be resized by laser. Unlike Palladium, which is prone to embrittlement, Platinum can be sized more easily. 

A Gallery of Platinum Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Platinum Wedding Ring set 

3 Stone Platinum Ring

Platinum Eternity Ring

Platinum Engagement Ring

Common Platinum Questions

Why does my Platinum ring scratch so easily? 

Why does my Platinum ring scratch so easily? A Platinum ring will scratch. The first scratches appear more noticeable at first. These build to a consistent finish. 

Over time, Platinum develops a natural Patina. In fact, many Antique dealers prize the natural Platinum of Vintage Platinum rings. Refurbished easily, Platinum re-polishes to a gleaming, mirrored surface. 

How often will I need my Platinum ring re-polishing? 

This depends entirely on how much wear the ring gets. 

Additionally, how particular you are about retaining the pristine mirror polish. Parts of the ring dull quicker than others. For example, the underside of the band.

Is a Platinum Wedding Ring more expensive? 

Platinum can be more expensive than 18ct gold. Platinum weighs approx. 1/3 heavier than 18ct gold. As a result, a cheaper Platinum price does not necessarily mean a cheaper ring owing to the heavier gram weight. 

Today, the price of Platinum has fallen for some time. As a result, Platinum makes a great metal choice. Furthermore, it makes the most affordable pure metal choice. Read more on our wedding rings guide on our blog.


Do Platinum Diamond engagement rings cost more than Gold to re-polish? 

No. We charge the same price. In other words, we charge the same to re-polish Platinum as we charge to refinish White Gold. 

My Platinum Ring has Diamonds and Platinum. Will it last forever?


Platinum wears over time. However, Platinum does not wear away completely. Other jewellery abrades Platinum. 

In addition, Loose diamonds wear Platinum. Fine detail, such as claws often wear over time. As a result, we sometimes re-tip Platinum prongs, or re-place settings for this reason. 

Why has my Platinum ring got thinner? 

Sometimes, slim engagement ring bands wear over time. As a result they become thinner. Eventually, the band might need thickened or replaced. The same can be said about Gold rings. 

Why is my Platinum ring magnetic? 

Platinum is paramagnetic. As a result, t shows magnetic properties when exposed to a magnet. This magnetism lasts for a short time only.

Can Platinum be satin finished?

Yes. We apply different finishes to Platinum. Satin finished Platinum rings appear within our collection. 

In addition, matte and textured Platinum and patterned Platinum rings appear. We make these from Platinum plain wedding rings. 

Do you offer a sample ring service? 

Yes, we offer a ring sample service to loan ring designs. Please contact us for details. 

Can I part exchange an item of Platinum jewelry?

We welcome clients to offset the cost of new jewellery with existing Platinum. We weigh any item, working to scrap Platinum prices. We deduct any scrap metal price from a new ring mount ordered. 

Do I need a Platinum Wedding Ring for my Engagement Ring?

If you already own a Platinum engagement ring, we recommend Platinum for your wedding ring. By doing this, wear and colour appear consistent between both rings.  

Why has my Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring bent out of shape?

Platinum is malleable and ductile. Also, it bends under constant pressure. 

Slimmer Engagement Ring bands sometimes bend out of shape. By comparison, thicker Platinum bands do not bend as often. 

Why has my Platinum ring cracked? 

Platinum is more brittle than Gold. Platinum claws remain strong and rigid around diamonds. However, Platinum sometimes cracks. For example, when a claw is bumped. 

Occasionally, after adjusting the size of a ring, an impact can break the ring. As a result, a small crack appears on the sizing line of the band. A repair involves lasering the join with specialist equipment. 

Is it possible to re-size a Platinum Engagement Ring? 

Yes. Most of our Platinum rings are sized down by laser, ensuring a seamless result. To explain, we weld both surfaces by laser. 

Platinum rings are made bigger by heating and stretching the metal. For larger size adjustments, we add a piece of metal to the Platinum shank. 

Can you engrave Wedding Rings in Platinum?

Yes. We apply engravings to Platinum rings. One of our best selling designs include Platinum fingerprint rings, laser engraved with our clients' prints. 

How can I tell if my Engagement Ring is Platinum? 

Look for a hallmark. A stamp usually on the inside of the band. The number 950 will appear, but do not confuse this with 950 for Palladium. 

Why does my Platinum ring have no hallmark? 

Sometimes, we laser hallmark fine Platinum rings. Lasered Platinum hallmarks appear lighter. As a result, they can be difficult to see. 

Alternatively, some rings lose the hallmark when re-sized. We can, however, re-apply the hallmark at any time. 

My Platinum ring has small holes in the metal. 

You are most likely seeing small traces of porosity. This appears as small microscopic holes. Contact your retailer to discuss this matter if you can readily see this detail.

My Platinum ring has small holes in the metal. 

You are most likely seeing small traces of porosity. This appears as small microscopic holes. Contact your retailer to discuss this matter if you can readily see this detail.

Affordable wedding rings for men and women

Finding affordable Platinum wedding rings can be tricky. Furthermore, ensuring the highest quality can be even more difficult. With attention to price, and quality, we create affordable wedding rings for clients on a budget. 

We make most wedding rings in slim and lightweight versions. For example, we make a flat court wedding ring in light, medium and heavy weights. 

Light Platinum rings offer strength, with less depth. For example, take our Mottistone wedding ring. Created in a lightweight design, and 2mm wide the ring starts at around £300.00. View our full collection of Platinum wedding bands available in light weight designs and narrow widths.

Diamond engagement rings in Gold with a Platinum setting

Both Yellow Gold and Rose Gold benefit from Platinum settings. To explain, many buyers love the colour of Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. 

But, some buyers seek ethical Fairtrade Gold in White and Rose varieties. At the same time, they seek a Platinum setting to hold the diamond. Our examples below show both Rose and Yellow Gold bands with a Platinum setting. 

Rose Gold and Yellow Gold three stone rings with Platinum settings

Gemstone and Platinum rings

Platinum works equally well for coloured gemstones. For example, Sapphire, Ruby, Aquamarine, Tanzanite and Emerald all suit Platinum. Our example below shows a bespoke Platinum ring design. 

The bright blue Aquamarine came directly from our client. In addition to setting the gemstone, we provided complete CAD designs. 

Platinum diamond wedding rings 

Does Platinum suit diamond wedding rings? It certainly does. Furthermore, it provides the best choice for setting diamonds into a wedding ring. Many of our Platinum diamond wedding rings feature in our bridal rings. 

We set most diamond shapes, in a variety of setting styles. For example, claw settings, grain settings and channel settings feature in our Platinum diamond wedding rings. View more of our Platinum diamond wedding bands online. 

Platinum diamond wedding ring featuring diamonds and flush set Sapphire, shaped to fit a Pear-shaped engagement ring

Platinum with coloured gemstones

We set most diamond shapes, in a variety of setting styles. For example, claw settings, grain settings and channel settings feature in our Platinum diamond wedding rings. View more of our Platinum diamond wedding bands online.