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Sending Your Parcel

Please read the following guidance notes on how to send a parcel to Serendipity Diamonds. This information tells you what you need to do. 

Contact us for any additional guidance required. 

Sending within the UK

If you are sending an Engagement Ring to us, we recommend returning the item in the accompanying pocket box, securely packaged in a sealed padded envelope. Other items should be returned, securely packaged in their original inner white gloss box. 

Please note : There is no need to send items in the large white outer box. (This will only be required for returns within the 60 days timescale)

Please send by Royal Mail Special Delivery. This is the most secure, tracked method of delivery within the UK which we use for most deliveries. Each item receives its own tracking number which can be traced by Royal Mail until it is delivered and signed for. 


Please ensure that your parcel is covered by insurance on its way to us. Royal Mail will typically cover a parcel with a maximum value of £2500 where requested. If you are sending us an item to be worked on within the UK, we might be able to help with insuring your parcel for a small additional charge. Please contact us if you need to arrange additional cover. 

Wrapping Your Parcel

Place your item in a padded envelope for added protection or within a secure cardboard box. It is possible to request sealable tamper proof special delivery wrapping from many Post Offices. 

Ensure your own name and address are included on the reverse of your parcel and post to the following address.


Please remember to include a piece of paper with your name, address, contact details and all relevant details. Failure to include this important detail might result in a significant delay. 

Upon receipt of your parcel we will notify you of safe receipt. Safe receipt emails are emailed to clients Monday to Friday. 

Our Address : 

Post your parcel by Royal Mail Special Delivery to the following address.



186 High Street 
Isle Of Wight 
PO33 2PN


Use the following checklist to ensure you have everything we need. If you have emailed us some of the following details, please ensure a copy is included within your parcel. 

1. Your name and address on the reverse of your parcel

A note enclosed which details : 

2. Your name (and the original order name where appropriate)

3. Your address

4. Your email and mobile phone number

5. Details of why you are sending the parcel. (Details might include a note of the new finger size required.)

Posting from Outside the UK

If you are posting an item to us from outside the UK, please ensure that the parcel is sent by tracked courier, and fully insured for your own protection. Please ensure that all parcels are accurately described and include all original documentation where appropriate.