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Coloured Stone Jewellery

A collection of coloured stone jewellery designs, featuring vibrantly coloured central coloured stones, many bordered or encircled with diamonds.

The coloured stone collection from Serendipity Diamonds, will provide a growing collection of diamond and gemstone jewellery. We work with both precious and semi precious stones, in a wide range of combinations. For engagement rings, both diamonds and sapphires (blue and pink especially) are popular, owing to their durability. Other gemstones we work with (precious) include ruby and emerald. We ascertain specific requirement for hue, intensity and purity, and work to a client's exact demands. We can also provide a range of semi-precious gemstones, including Black Onyx, Lemon Quartz, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine and Smokey Quartz to name just a fraction of the gemstones we work with.

Coloured stone diamond jewellery