Bespoke Engagement Rings

Custom made engagement rings and jewellery

A guide to commissioning a bespoke custom designed engagement ring or 
a unique piece of custom-made jewellery

What is a bespoke engagement ring?

The term bespoke is applied to engagement rings which are specially made for the buyer. They differ from off-the-rack items because they are one-off designs, created with individual thought and attention to the design and materials. Bespoke ring design offers many more options and flexibility compared to generic engagement ring styles seen in local jewellery stores. 

Custom made engagement rings

If you're thinking about commissioning a unique, custom made diamond ring or piece of jewellery there will be many questions on your mind. Who provides the best service? Is this going to cost a significant amount more than a regular piece of jewellery? How do I know I'll like the finished ring? These are just a few of the questions you are likely to ask us. 

In the last decade we have produced some of the World's most beautiful ring commissions – without costing the Earth. By this we mean price and the ability to create ethically sourced jewellery including items made of Fairtrade Gold, although this remains optional. 

We are prepared for all your questions. Our small and friendly team will work closely with you. Guiding you from your first enquiry – answering all of your questions without delay. 

Designing the ring. Where to start? 

Where exactly do you begin? Always at the start. Begin with an idea. We start by providing you with simple guidance – explaining the best way forward for your design. We offer many services for custom made diamond engagement rings, from CAD design, through to traditional handmade jewellery. Prices vary depending on the service chosen. 

Bespoke ring commissions are costed, based on the cost of materials and labour. We have no 'designer' price tags meaning that our work is competitively priced. We have different levels of service depending on your requirements.

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Premium Bespoke Ring Design Service

If you would like the very best photo-realistic images before we produce your designer engagement ring, we have the perfect solution. We can transform any ideas you have into a reality, working with the latest CAD technology. We work with some of the World's most experienced 3D jewellery modellers specialising in jewellery manufacture. Your cost will depend on the number of designs. We can either transform your ideas into a concept or create a selection of possible designs. All of our custom made jewellery is created by a specialist bespoke jewellery workshop finishing items to the highest standard. 

Important considerations include your budget, material choices (precious metal, choice of gemstone for example) and information on the size - such as finger size. We will try to help guide you on any of these details if you choose to contact us for guidance. Decide whether or not you wish to apply for finance. For clients in the UK we can arrange a suitable finance to help spread the cost over a period of time. 

Custom Engagement Ring Settings

At Serendipity Diamonds we create any custom engagement ring setting by CAD design. This is an online service, alongside our showroom appointment service to discuss options. Some clients provide their own diamonds and gemstones and commission just the custom engagement ring setting alone. We are happy to set a client's diamonds into the CAD engagement ring setting made by bespoke design. To begin with, we require the measurements and details for each gemstone to be used. We then provide a full quotation to create the ring. Once our brief is complete and the quote accepted, within 1-2 days we can provide CAD designs to approve by email. 

Previous Commissions - Inspiration 

The following section shows you some of our past work. Contact us if you would like any further information on featured designs. We have included many of the images to give future clients a source of inspiration – showing the many possibilities available for unique design. 

A gallery of custom-made diamond engagement rings

All of the following bespoke diamond engagement ring commissions were created by Serendipity Diamonds. All designs are the copyright of Serendipity Diamonds. Each of the designs below were transformed from the initial image to the finished piece during 4-5 weeks of expert craftsmanship by our expert goldsmiths

Bespoke three stone ring

Bespoke split shoulder ring

Secret diamond ring

Black and white diamond ring

Custom made three stone ring

Interlocking rings

Platinum tension set ring

Black onyx custom made ring

Blue and white diamond twist ring

Black princess cut diamond ring

Five stone diamond ring

Asymmetrical diamond ring