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Corporate Jewellery Commissions

Corporate Jewellery Commission Service.

Corporate jewellery commissions at Serendipity Diamonds range from individual jewellery purchases to larger scale multiple orders. We can fully brand designs in many ways. From CAD design work, to individual engraved items. Our CAD design service can create photo-realistic imagery to show how your finished commission will appear. 

We provide full quotations based on a company's requirements. Invoices are given electronically with a full breakdown of VAT for each item. When contacting us, please provide a contact name, company name, address and email to set up on our estimate and invoice system. Invoices and insurance valuations accompanying each item can be made out to individual employees or to the parent company or corporation itself. 

Tax Liabilities and Corporate Jewellery Gifts

The taxable benefit to a company who gives an award to an employee is that the cost can be deducted as an expense in their accounts. Further information on such subjects as long service awards can be found on the HMRC website relating to UK tax law. 

Types of Corporate Jewellery Commissions

Jewellery commissions vary greatly. We undertake projects for smaller companies and large corporations, scaled to suit. The starting budget for most corporate commissions starts at between £5000 - £10,000 upwards, depending on quantities, materials and specifications. There are no upper limits to budget. Our upper tier supports jewellery purchases of values of £100K and beyond with incentives for volume purchases. 

Jewellery for Employee Awards and Bonuses

Many of our commissions have been created to award employees, with high value, luxury jewellery in lieu of their exceptional service and performance within their work. Executive awards range from diamond rings, earrings, and pendants to uniquely designed customised commissions fully personalised to celebrate the individual. 

Employee Incentive Purchases - Jewellery and Loose Diamonds

Partnering with our diamond concierge service, we provide a dedicated service for loose Diamond purchases, specialising in GIA certified goods, of an exceptional standard. Alongside Diamond jewellery commissions we can provide most Diamond shapes, sizes, colours and clarity grades, working to almost any budget. For loose Diamond awards, employees can later contact us to commission their setting which can be made into the final jewellery commission, without the need for the employer to decide upon the jewellery design itself. 

Retirement Rings for Long Serving Employees

Retirement rings can be Diamond/stone set or unset pieces of jewellery. Over the last 5 years we have created many 'Retirement Diamond Rings' for female executives in place of the traditional 'Gold Watch.' Sometimes commissioned by the parent company, and sometimes arranged individually by employees retiring and commissioning their own design. 1 carat single stone Diamond ring commissions start at around £4500 to around £20,000 depending on the Diamond shape, colour and clarity and precious metal type required. 

Organisation and Club Rings

We can CAD design 100% unique, club or organisation branded Diamond rings. These can include logo's faithfully re-created or stylised in the design. We can make the logo or brand a dominant part of the design, or we can subtly laser engrave the logo, using precision engraving techniques, with a personal message. Such messages might read:

"To [recipient]. In honour of 25 years of service to [company name] with appreciation and well deserved recognition for your dedication and commitment."

Charity Rings and Jewellery Commissions for Charitable Causes

We have worked previously for charities, creating commissions for sale, or for reward. From rings, to uniquely designed pendants, such commissions can include a written dedication, verse, or honorary paragraph, precisely engraved onto the surface of any jewellery item. In special circumstances we will donate a proportion of the cost of production to the cause, reducing the cost for the associated charity. We are also able to help charitable causes by retailing charitable jewellery commissions, as running lines, helping to raise money for good causes through direct sales of selective designs, suitable for our website. 

Commissions to an Agreed Maximum Value

Corporations can set commission cost limits, allowing employees to arrange their jewellery commission without exceeding a maximum cost. Payment can be made directly to Serendipity Diamonds, with all financial arrangements arranged between Serendipity Diamonds and the parent company. This leaves the employee with the simple task of commissioning the item, not exceeding a certain value. Since we operate at 50%-70% below typical high street prices, this assures clients of much greater value.