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A Guide to Diamond Bracelets

Whether you are a trade client or private client, we provide an elegant selection of Diamond Bracelets to embellish the wrist and to dazzle with Diamonds. What better way to carry Diamonds than set within a beautifully crafted bracelet?

Diamond Line Bracelets & Tennis Bracelets

Diamond line bracelets can be purchased empty or set with Diamonds. Creating a complete finished Diamond bracelet involves measuring appropriately sized Diamonds. These are set in place by the Diamond setter before polishing the finished bracelet. The final stage involves adjustments to allow free movement and alignment of links. 

The Diamond 'Tennis Bracelet' remains the most popular and iconic style of bracelet to date. The name first appeared after an incident back in 1987 during the Tennis US Open in which Chris Evert's Diamond bracelet worn during play, broke away from her wrist and fell to the floor of the court. After play was interrupted for her to find the bracelet, the name was used in the media for this style of bracelet and has been used by many ever since.

Bracelet Mounts and Settings

We create Diamond bracelet mounts and settings to accommodate a range of Diamond sizes. We can vary the overall carat weight according to budget, or we can sell the unset bracelet as a finished mount. Contact us for more details.

For the bracelet connoisseur we now provide a new versatile 'flexi-link' tennis bracelet. The Flexi-Link bracelet comes fully set in a choice of carat weights, and two Diamond clarity options. 

Most of our bracelets are made in 18ct Gold for durability and weight. Contact us for further details and guidance on cost.