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A Guide to Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings remain one of the most popular items of Diamond jewellery purchased. They are versatile by design and for occasion. Diamond earrings require no special event for wear. Discreet Diamond studs can be worn by day, or by night. They make a wonderfully luxurious gift, available in sizes and styles to suit many budgets. There are styles to complement Engagement Ring designs, in matching metals. Many of our own clients decide upon earrings for births, anniversaries and birthdays amongst many other special occasions. Our aim is to help you find the most appropriate style. 

Diamond Earring Size

Most single stone Diamond earrings are available in a wide range of Diamond sizes. We express Diamond carat weight for our earrings as a total Diamond weight for each pair of earrings. You can refer to dimensions of your Diamonds by looking at our size chart. The setting for the earring will remain in proportion to the Diamond. Choose a size that allows the shape to be visible within the ear. Some smaller Diamond shapes are difficult to define by shape. We recommend sizes from 0.25cts within each ear (0.50cts in total diamond weight.) 

Diamond Shapes 

There are many Diamond shapes available for Diamond earrings. Each Diamond needs to be matched so that your earrings are a perfect pair of Diamonds. We match Diamonds from very large parcels, ensuring that both Diamonds are equal for size, colour, clarity and cut. We utilise over 25 years of in-house Diamond grading experience at Serendipity Diamonds for this process.

Exchanges And Returns For Earrings 

New to Serendipity Diamonds in winter 2019! We can now offer 60 days returns/exchanges on earrings. Introducing the brand new Hygiene seals supplied on every pair of earrings. Shop with the added reassurance of returns for all our earrings as long as the Hygiene seals haven't been removed. Terms and Conditions Apply. 

Build Your Own Diamond Earrings

If you haven't already discovered our range, we have many existing earring sizes. Use our online menu's to build your perfect Diamond earrings. Choose from a wide resource of solitaire earring designs. Select your metal, Diamond carat weight (per pair) along with the Diamond colour and clarity. We have many traditional, classic and modern styles from which to choose. The following designs can all be built to your own chosen specifications. 

Custom Designed Earrings

We can create bespoke, custom-made Diamond earrings. Some clients send us pre-existing earrings, to be un-set. Diamonds are repurposed into new settings. Alternatively, Diamonds are added to bespoke settings. Any requirement you have, we can accommodate. We are fully versatile with many precious metals including Platinum and Gold. Gold (White and Yellow) remains most popular for earrings. Clients can supply a single Diamond for us to accurately match up - pairing this with a new Diamond to create the matching pair for earrings. 

Diamond Earring Q&A

The following questions are selected from some of the most common questions surrounding Diamond earrings. Comment below or contact us if you have any additional questions.  

What earrings suit me? Different earrings suit different occasions. Discreet Diamond stud earrings are most suitable for daily wear. They are most versatile. They are also most popular. 

What earrings can you sleep in? Comfort is the biggest issue. The consensus of opinion is that it is best not to sleep in earrings. Try to avoid this if at all possible. Sleeping in earrings can result in loss, or damage to the ear or to the earrings themselves. Some styles are worn following piercing to prevent the piercing from closing up. These are typically small hypo-allergenic studs. 

What earrings are suitable if you are allergic? Choose a metal that is hypo-allergenic ideally. Platinum and Palladium. For Diamond earrings ensure that the earrings are kept clean. Soak them in a jewellery cleaner regularly and ensure the earrings are dry before putting them in the ear. If your ear becomes inflamed or sore, remove the earrings and consult a doctor. Hypoallergenic metals are best for sensitive ears. 

Which earrings are best for newly pierced ears? For newly pierced ears, lightweight studs are best. Higher purity Gold, such as 18ct Gold is best, since there are less impurities in this metal. Platinum and Palladium are hypo-allergenic. Choose earrings easily removed, with attachments fitted towards the end of the posts. This allows room for the ear to swell slightly. Remove the earrings to clean them, avoiding the chances of infection. Avoid styles with detail that can catch on clothing. Round stud earrings are best in this situation.

What earrings suit a round face?

Different earrings suit different face shapes. For a rounder face, longer earrings that dangle are best. If you are set on Diamond stud earrings, choose a longer diamond shape, such as a Marquise or Pear stud rather than the traditional round diamond earring style. 

Should I choose Platinum earrings if I have a Platinum ring? This is not necessary. Since 18ct White Gold is Rhodium plated to provide the white finish, rings often wear, giving the tarnished appearance. Earrings never receive the same amount of wear. For this reason, many Platinum wearers purchase 18ct White Gold earrings. Some people choose Platinum for consistency. 

Can I have screw backs for my earrings? Earrings include fitted butterflies, but posts can be secured by screw backs. These screw onto a threaded post. Most screw back attachments are heavier and more expensive. If the thread becomes damaged, the entire post and attachment may need to be replaced. 

How do I get a Diamond matched to make a pair of earrings? For retailers and for private clients, we regularly match an existing Diamond with a new Diamond to make a pair of earrings. Once we have matched your Diamond, we supply your chosen settings. We then mount, set and finish your earrings to produce the perfect pair.