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Jobbing Parcels 

Now available - our handy jobbing parcel is now available with free delivery Worldwide. Our most popular loose diamond product containing 40 diamonds of 8 x assorted sizes - all round brilliant cut - 1mm to 2.5mm in diameter with 5 diamonds in each size. (1 carat in total) 

View the jobbing parcel here. Or perhaps you are just looking for a small quantity of a particular size. We have the perfect parcel - our minimum order, custom parcel can be purchased online in a range of currencies. We contact you for your desired size. We despatch your parcel within 24 hours. View the custom starter parcel here.

Serendipity Diamonds are UK diamond suppliers. We provide a dedicated service for the supply of small, polished diamonds. Order by quantity, size, shape and if you know your preferred colour and clarity, we can work to this for you. Otherwise we advise on all aspects of diamonds that are available. We make the process of buying small diamonds very easy – from start to finish. For larger diamonds, please see our diamond concierge service

Please advise us on following details if possible.

When you enquire about buying smaller diamonds in sizes below 0.20cts (3.75mm) there are some frequent questions we will ask. If you can answer any of these questions it will help us provide detailed information for you. 

Tell us the diamond shape you require e.g. Round, Princess cut etc. 

Do you know the mm. size of the diamonds you need? 

How many diamonds do you require? Quantity of stones or overall carat weight. 

Do you have any preference for diamond colour or clarity?

What country do you need delivery to?

Small Ethical Diamonds

If you are interested in purchasing a parcel of small ethically-sourced diamonds, please feel welcome to browse our current list of diamond parcels below. There is no minimum order and parcels are sealed as shown in the photograph. Prices are shown on our list excluding 20% VAT for UK and Europe. For international orders, we can send at our listed carriage cost (£12) or we can quote for FEDEX delivery. Within the UK we send by Royal Mail Special Delivery. 

Expert Advice, Support and Guidance

At Serendipity Diamonds, we have decades of experience in sorting smaller loose diamonds. We can match pairs or sets of diamonds and we have the additional facility of creating ring mounts if required, with a service to mount, set and finish the item for you. 

Countries we ship loose diamonds to 

We can deliver diamonds of most sizes across the World. We ship within the UK and to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Hong Kong and many more countries. We ship to Europe using International Signed For Delivery. Outside Europe we ship by FEDEX. 

Any Size, Quantity and Shape

We can provide most sizes and shapes of loose diamonds, along with most qualities, subject to availability. 


What is a small diamond?

Fully cut and polished diamonds are available in sizes from below 1mm in diameter upwards. Small diamonds are typically between 0.005cts (1mm) to 0.25cts (4mm). If you require parcels, sets or small quantities of diamonds we can sort, match and ship any sizes and shapes of diamond. We can even commission set of diamonds cut specially to order for unique commissions. 

100% Natural Diamonds - Conflict Free

All of the diamonds we sell are conflict free with written assurance of this noted in the documentation provided. At Serendipity Diamonds we only work with 100% natural diamonds. 


If your diamonds are unsuitable for the purpose, provided they have not been damaged in any way, you can return them to us to be credited. This is especially useful when over-ordering small diamonds to ensure you have more than enough for your commission.

Why purchase and use our services?

Serendipity Diamonds not only produced jewellery, but specialises in sorting and selling loose polished diamonds in all shapes and sizes. We have over 20 years experience sorting and selling to diamond manufacturers and retailers Worldwide.

Cost Prices for Small Round Diamonds

Minimum order value £25.00 GBP

We have added below a price guide to the cost of smaller diamonds available in a range of different qualities. Prices are plus VAT with £10 shipping (UK and EU.) Please advise on destination country if outside the UK or Europe. For insured FEDEX shipping outside Europe the cost will be included in your quotation including duty / tax. 

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds (Available in G VS to G I1 grades)

1mm - 1.7mm (0.005cts - 0.02cts) Prices from £3 - £12 per stone, depending on size and quality of diamond. 

1.8 - 2.6mm (0.025cts - 0.07cts) Prices from £10 - £40 per stone, depending on size and quality of diamond. 

2.7 - 3.3mm (0.08cts - 0.13cts) Prices from £40 - £90 per stone depending on size and quality of diamond. 

3.4 - 3.6mm (0.14 - 0.17cts) Prices from £80 - £136 per stone depending on size and quality of diamond. 

3.7 - 3.8mm (0.18 - 0.22cts) Prices from £110 - £200 per stone depending on size and quality of diamond. 

3.9 - 4.2mm (0.23 - 0.29cts) Prices from £160 - £300 per stone depending on size and quality of diamond. 

Cost Prices for Small Princess Cut Diamonds

The cost of princess cut diamonds will be below the above round diamond costs. Please contact us for specific prices. 

Diamonds can be ordered as single pieces, in pairs, in sets or in larger quantities. Prices are influenced by both availability, market prices and changes in the £ : $ exchange rate. 

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