Discount Codes and Promotions

At Serendipity Diamonds, we sell at approximately 50-70% off high street prices. We do this by working as a manufacturer, making items and selling directly to the end client, and not to the retailer. As a result of small margins, we offer exceptional value. Discounts and incentives are available on an occasional basis.

Discounts for Returning Clients

Returning clients benefit from preferential prices. This is a very good incentive to purchase an engagement ring—instantly qualifying you for a reduced cost on the final wedding rings. 

Other Discounts

We provide discounts for members of the armed forces. Please see our dedicated information on military military discounts for further details. If you are currently employed within the NHS we are able to offer a discount on purchases subject to verification. 

Charitable Discounts

For purchases over £500 we offer a charitable discount of £25.00 from any order which goes to the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. This is done by using the discount code EMH. Please talk to us if you would like this deduction and donation applied to another charity of your choosing. 

How to Find Discount Codes 

We create discounts and promotions randomly through the year. Ensure you are signed up to our newsletter and visit our website regularly. During your visit to our website, we will often prompt you via online chat if there is a promotion running. Our discount codes are entered at the checkout and are only valid at the time of promotion. Discounts codes are available for us by all visitors including overseas buyers from USA, Australia, Canada, Europe including Ireland and within the UK. 

How to Use our Discount Code

It really is very simple. If you are offered a valid discount code, just enter this in our checkout and the revised basket total will be displayed.