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What is an Ideal Cut Diamond?

What is an ideal cut Diamond?

Ideal cuts are sets of proportions and facet angles that consistently produce the greatest optical performance. [Dee Dee Cunningham]

The importance of Diamond cut

Many people appreciate the importance of Diamond cut on the performance of light within the stone. The earlier pioneers of the optimal cut grade were unaware of the term 'ideal' which was used after the work of Henry Morse (see diagram below.)

How does and ideal cut Diamond affect cost?

On average, ideal cut Diamonds demand between 10% - 30% over non-ideal cut Diamonds. The cut of a Diamond can influence the value of the stone by as much as a staggering 40%.

Beware of marketing

Not all laboratories use the term 'Ideal Cut.' GIA for example never notes this term on their certification. For a Round Brilliant cut Diamond - Excellent Cut, Excellent Clarity and Excellent Symmetry is the best you will see on a GIA cert. You will find no end of retailers embellishing Diamonds for sale with terms such as 'super ideal cut' and 'signature ideal cut.' These terms are for marketing. They usually represent Diamonds carrying both a premium by way of cut, and price, but can be misleading.