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A Guide to Buying Marquise Diamond Rings

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What is a Marquise cut diamond?

A Marquise cut diamond is a brilliant diamond cut, boat-shaped in appearance, pointed at each end. The Marquise cut is considered to be one of the more elegant elongated diamond cuts, popular for diamond engagement rings. 

Origins of the Name Marquise

The name 'Marquise' derives from a story relating to King Louis XIV of France. It has been suggested that he insisted that a Diamond was cut to the shape of the mouth of the Marquise of Pompadour. 

Marquise diamond engagement rings

View our selection of Marquise diamond engagement rings on our website, or view some of our bespoke ring commissions below. 

Marquise Diamond Proportions

The Marquise diamond shape widens from each tip to the widest point across the centre of the diamond. When choosing a Marquise diamond, the length to width ratio is important. We recommend a ratio between 1.85: 1 and 2: 1 length : width. Marquise diamonds selected for our engagement ring styles go through a selection process to ensure desirable proportions for our clients. Furthermore, we can provide showroom viewings or photography to demonstrate to clients unable to visit us. 

Bespoke Marquise Ring with Wedding Ring

The Poppy engagement ring is shown here with a matching shaped wedding ring. Featuring a 2 claw setting, the twist design necessitates a custom shaped wedding ring, provided through our bespoke design service. Crafted in 950 Platinum shaped wedding rings are typically crafted independently of the engagement ring prior to the big day.

Bezel Set Marquise Engagement Ring

The full bezel setting on this bespoke Marquise engagement ring clearly defines the outline of the diamond. In addition, the full bezel provides a modern look whilst offering protection to the diamond. We craft full bezel settings individually around each diamond to ensure a perfect fit. 

1 Carat Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

The Marquise cut lends itself well to 1-carat engagement rings. It gives incredible size and shows to a solitaire setting. A secure setting is advisable owing to the diamond size. The design shown here features a hybrid 2 claw - part bezel design to give stability to the diamond. 

Unique Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Arranged diagonally, the Ursa design is a truly unique Marquise diamond ring design. This exact ring was Finalist in the CanadaMark design competition in recent years. Embraced by the setting, the design gives protection to the diamond and makes an ideal, secure Marquise engagement ring with a unique design flair. Find the Ursa design online. 

Marquise Diamond Accent Ring

Crafted with a natural Blue Sapphire, this bespoke diamond engagement ring features the addition of small Marquise cut diamonds. Created for one of our Australian clients, we firstly created a detailed sketch of the design which was later crafted into the final ring. View other bespoke engagement rings from Serendipity Diamonds. 

Anatomy of a Marquise cut diamond

Rarely used even by jewellers, the following diagram shows correct terminology for the unique elements making up the anatomy of a Marquise cut diamond. Varied proportions result in skinny, regular or squat versions of the Marquise cut, each serving a client's individual requirements. 

Are Marquise cut diamonds a popular choice?

The Marquise cut diamond is a selective choice. Owing to the variation of models (some Diamonds are cut long and thin, others short and fat - see ratio's mentioned above) this Diamond is less popular with jewellery manufacturers. Why? Because most ring styles are created in set sizes accommodating particular Diamond measurements. So many Marquise Diamonds vary and are more difficult to accommodate in a narrow scope of ring setting sizes.

Choosing the most suitable setting for a diamond engagement ring

When choosing a Marquise setting for your diamond engagement ring, consider the design and practicality of your setting. Two claw settings pose a greater risk over designs with a claw at each side of the midpoint. Any pivotal movement within the setting can weaken the design. Full bezel settings offer greater durability and protection for the Marquise diamond tips. These are the weakest part of a Marquise diamond—prone to breakage despite their hardness.