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East-West Engagement Rings 

A Guide to Horizontal - Sideways Set Engagement Rings

East-West engagement rings feature an elongated diamond running laterally across the band. Variations exist to describe this type of engagement ring. Horizontal engagement rings, sideways set engagement rings, landscape and lateral can all be applied to describe the orientation of the diamond. Most diamond engagement rings feature a 'portrait' orientation running North-South along the finger. By contrast, East-West settings position the diamond or gemstone across the finger. 

Examples of East-West engagement ring settings

We have put together a selection of East-West, horizontal ring designs which all share a common feature. All of the following designs include a diamond or gemstone running across the band. In addition to the designs you see below, we offer a complete bespoke design service, to create the perfect custom made diamond engagement ring

Sideways Set Marquise Engagement Ring

Strictly, we should label this design as diagonally set, rather than East-West. This spectacular solitaire design won us Finalist in the CanadaMark design competition a few years ago. Our exclusive design features an elegant setting to embrace the Marquise cut diamond. 

Bespoke East-West Trilogy Ring

Crafted through our bespoke design service, this captivating Trilogy ring features an Oval brilliant cut diamond between two blue Sapphires. Taking around 5 weeks to complete, we worked closely with our client to ensure the perfect design and an incredible engagement ring, finished to perfection. 

Two Stone East West Engagement Ring

In contrast to sideways-set solitaire designs, we offer alternative two stone engagement ring styles. The Twirl engagement ring design includes a twist engagement ring setting, featuring a choice of carat weights, arranged across the band. 

Sideways East-West Oval Engagement Ring

The Ursula East-West oval engagement ring design features a sparkling sideways-set Oval brilliant cut diamond, held within a tension-style setting. Crafted with a wedding-ring-friendly setting, this design offers a sleek minimalist look and is available in many diamond and precious metal options. 

Brooke East-West Baguette Engagement Ring

The Brooke engagement ring design, features a Baguette cut diamond in an East-West setting across the band of the ring. With a very contemporary appearance, we create this design with an optional mirror polish, or combination finish with a matte-band contrasting with the polished bezel setting.