Diamond Size Guide

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The following interactive sized guide provides a very effective way to view both diamond sizes and shapes on the finger. Using the menus, select your desired diamond shape and carat weight. Zoom in and out of the diamond, and view both the mm. sizes and a description of the chosen stone. 

Notes on diamond size

Many diamonds size charts typically vary according to the measurements provided. Diamond sizes vary depending on how the diamond is cut. The proportions differ depending on the make of the stone. The visible size of a diamond is often referred to as the spread of the stone. For consistency we prefer to demonstrate realistic diamond sizes, typical for well proportioned diamonds.

Important! - consider carat weight and size

When you purchase a diamond, consider both carat weight and physical size along with other factors. Let us explain why this is important. 

John, purchased a diamond online. The diamond weighed 0.60cts and seemed remarkable value. It was GIA certified which provided even greater reassurance. If John had considered the size of the diamond he would have realised the stone was cut a little deeply. It only measured 5.1mm. If he'd purchased a diamond 0.55cts with a better cut, he would benefit from a superior diamond, with greater brilliance. 

Handy Rules of Thumb?

Many diamond shapes weigh heavier than round diamonds. There are no tricks to learning diamond sizes. A diamond expert learns sizes over many years through experience and learning. Most people rely on reference material like the chart and application above.

Diamond size knowledge is essential when providing information to others. Such guidance forms part of our service at Serendipity Diamonds. If you are searching for any size, shape, colour or clarity of diamond then contact us for help. 

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