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Bespoke Opal Rings

A selection of bespoke Opal rings, crafted through the Serendipity Diamonds bespoke design service. All of the following commissions were created for clients from new or existing Opals, including CAD design with expert help and guidance. Our bespoke ring commissions include White Opal, Black Opal and Fire Opal to name just a few types of Opal we work with. Many of our bespoke Opal designs include the addition of diamonds, both modern and Old Cut, provided new or re-modelled from existing jewellery designs.

Bespoke Opal Engagement Rings Custom-Made to Order


We design and handcraft a variety of rings made with Opal. In addition to diamond rings and diamond engagement rings, we work with other gemstones including Opal. 

This fascinating gemstone comes in differing types including Black Opal, Fire Opal, Boulder Opal and regular White Opal. More expensive examples tend to display fantastic flecks of colour and variation in flashes of colour change in different lighting conditions. 

Other varieties, such as Blue Opals have one dominant colour with additional flashes of colours. 

We create an assortment of engagement rings, matching wedding rings and eternity rings. Either alone or as a ring set. Some designs feature single gemstone types. Others include Opals mixed with diamonds. Each ring design undergoes extensive sourcing, research, design and creation. 

Our service comes after many years of work, highly recommended by clients in receipt of the above jewellery designs. 


Antique Opal Rings


We rarely see Antique Opals owing to their delicacy and inability to withstand dry conditions. Opals require a certain degree of moisture. For this reason, they should never be kept in sunlight or too close to the heat. 

Ethiopian Opal and Australian Opal


Most Opals originate from Australia, but other sources include Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, and the USA. 

The recent film "Uncut Gems" starring Ben Stiller based its story on a valuable chunk of rock filled with Ethiopian Opals. Like diamonds, Opal captures the imagination, prized for its unique beauty. 


White Opals


The majority of the work we carry out involves White Opals. Most of our stones come from South Australia and the northern town of Coober Pedy. 

Precious metals for Opal engagement rings


We work with most precious metals including Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum and Rose Gold. 

Why do we create custom made Opal jewellery designs


Varying sizes and shapes of Opal lead us to custom make all Opal jewellery designs. Every ring evolves as a unique design. We CAD design and craft jewellery styles around Opals sourced from Worldwide suppliers. Also, we work responsibly and only trade with known suppliers who work to ethical standards.

Bespoke Opal Rings | Custom Made Opal and Diamond Rings