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Luxury Diamond Earrings in Gold and Platinum

Explore our sparkling collection of luxury diamond earrings. Each style crafted with exciting combinations of precious metals, diamond shapes, colours and clarity grades.

Explore Our Luxury Earring Collection - Individually Crafted to Order

Explore an exciting range of designs. Our collection ranges from traditional earring styles to modern designs. 

From simple solitaires to elaborate diamond clusters. Other styles include diamond hoop earrings and drop earrings crafted to order

In addition to hand crafted designs, we hold many pairs in stock within our showroom. Buyers browse ready made designs online. Order online, click and collect or visit our jewellery showroom in Ryde


Perfection in earring design from the UK’s finest artisan Goldsmiths


Experience perfect workmanship from our earring designs. We source and match each pair of diamonds to order. Next, we cast, prepare, set and finish earrings in any chosen metal choice. 


Precious metals for earring designs


We craft earrings in a full choice of precious metals. Choose from 950 Platinum earrings, or choose 18ct Gold in three beautiful choices of colour. For example, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. 

Fairtrade Gold Earrings

We create many of our earring styles in Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold. The demand for ethical earrings has grown over many years. 

As a result, we work with Fairtrade Gold and recycled Platinum and Gold. In addition, we offer ethical choices for diamonds and gemstones. 

Most earrings include a UK hallmark to assure you of your chosen precious metal. In addition. Fairtrade Gold earrings include the Fairtrade stamp. Please note that we do not usually create butterfly attachments in Fairtrade Gold. 

Replacement earring backs

If you have lost a pair of earring backs, please contact us for help in replacing your Gold butterfly attachments. We match and supply replacement sent from our showroom. 

Butterfly or screw on backs?

Some clients ask us about screw on backs. Some ask us for alternative fixings for their earrings. We recommend simple push-on butterfly backs. Many screw attachments can fail when damaged. 

Precious metal screw threads carry this risk. For this reason, we provide additional Lox earring backs for security. We provide 2 pairs in your chosen metal colour to match. 

Conflict Free and Traceable Diamonds for Earrings


We craft every pair of diamond earrings, with 100% conflict free diamonds. In addition, we now offer a further service. We source and supply 100% traceable CanadaMark diamonds for earrings. 


Every CanadaMark diamond includes full GIA certification. Please contact us for a quote to make any of our earrings using traceable, CanadaMark diamonds. 


Preventing the loss of your diamond earrings

Many buyers worry about the risk of losing their earrings. For this reason, we highly recommend taking out insurance for earrings. Or, contact your home insurer to check on your current level of cover. Some clients add earrings to jewellery itemised on their home insurance policy. 

As mentioned already, we send out each pair of diamond set earrings with extra earring backs. Lox attachments push onto each earring back. They provide a secure back. These are very useful during travel and for evening wear. 

Replica earrings for travel

We recently introduced the option to purchase replica earring styles. Popular with travellers, some buyers leave their large diamond earrings at home. Instead, they take a pair of replica earrings. We create replica styles, set with Swarovski Crystal. Almost impossible to tell apart, each Swarovski crystal is modelled on an ideal cut diamond. 

Diamond earrings with 60 days returns

We now offer 60 days returns on all earrings. We send each pair out with a hygiene seal attached. We provide a refund if the earrings are returned, boxfresh with the hygiene seal intact. Very few jewellers offer returns on earrings. We provide this policy on all diamond set earring styles ordered online. 

Earrings on finance

Take advantage of 12 months 0% interest free finance on all earrings. Owing to the cost of diamond earrings, some buyers prefer to buy now and pay later. For earrings over £500 look for the finance examples online. Apply quickly from our product pages. Enjoy a quick decision. Spread the cost of your earrings over terms between 12 months and 48 months. 

Packaging for Earrings

We send all earrings out in a luxury presentation box. In addition, our packaging includes a large outer box. Earrings arrive beautifully presented. For delivery, enjoy secure courier shipping. Within the UK we use a next day delivery service. We send all earrings once completed. In addition, all items include complete insurance until they arrive. 

Ready Made Diamond Earrings

If you require earrings within a very short time, please contact us. We stock ready made earrings in our showroom collection. Our video shows a clip of a selection of simple solitaire styles. We create showroom designs made in 18ct White Gold. 

Why Choose White Gold for Earrings?

Our most popular alloy for earrings is 18ct White Gold. Earrings receive very little wear. Unlike rings, they rarely require Rhodium plating. For this reason, many buyers choose 18ct White Gold instead of Platinum. 

Matching and lost diamond earrings.

We provide a service to match a lost diamond earring. We can replicate any earring design. Either working with the same design, or creating it by bespoke design. In addition, we work with jewellery insurers to provide replacement designs. From diamond stud earrings to elaborate drop designs. 

Bespoke earring styles

We offer bespoke CAD design for earrings. We design, model and craft unique earrings. Contact us for a quote without obligation. In addition to diamonds, we provide alternative gemstone choices. Choices include Sapphire earrings in Blue, Pink, Yellow and Green. In addition, we work with Aquamarine, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Emerald, Ruby and Morganite. 

Earring mounts and settings without diamonds

For clients with their own diamonds, we create our designs as finished settings. Order a finished pair of earring mounts. Or, send your diamonds for us to set. It takes around 3-4 weeks to create a finished pair of earring settings. 

Setting styles for diamond earrings

We provide a full selection of setting styles. Our most popular earring design features a 4 claw arrangement around a solitaire diamond. We recommend our Paris earring design. This contemporary stud design allows in plenty of light. In addition, the design features a modern 4 claw design. We create the Paris design in most carat weights. 

Perfectly matched pairs of diamonds

We consider several details when we match diamonds. Firstly we consider the diameter of each stone. Next, we look at the size of each table facet. Then, we consider depth and make. Finally, we ensure both diamonds match for colour and clarity. As a result, clients enjoy a perfect pair of brilliant earrings, made in their chosen design. 

Cleaning and caring for your earrings

We recommend keeping your earrings clean to enjoy continued sparkle. Firstly, put your earrings in after using hair spray and gels. Hairspray will coat earrings. In addition, dirt, grime and grease will build over time. As a result, the sparkle lessens. With very little wear, earrings rarely require re-polishing. 

Our range of diamond earring cleaners work very well. Try the DazzleStik for your earrings. The small brush cleans earring settings well. The solution polishes metal and removes grime. Once rinsed in water, the brilliance returns. 

Choosing a diamond cut for maximum sparkle

Depending on your diamond choice, enjoy brilliance or fire from your earrings. Brilliance gives sparkle. In contrast, fire comes from light split into colours of the spectrum. Emerald cuts give plenty of fire. Popular round brilliant cuts give more sparkle, especially when it comes to diamond stud earrings. For example the round, princess, oval, pear and heart shape. 

Part exchange for diamond earrings

Part exchange your old gold or precious metal for a pair of earrings. Talk to us about offsetting the cost of a new pair of earrings with existing jewellery. All quotes are given without any obligation. For more help and guidance, contact a member of our friendly team. Speak to us after continuing to browse our online collection. Or visit our showroom open daily. 

Diamond Earrings
Diamond Stud earrings in packaging
Diamond clusters featuring blue sapphires and diamonds