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Engagement Ring Offers £1000+

A selection of engagement ring special offers around £1000 - £4000, offering both excellent value and choice.

When planning a proposal, whether surprise or planned, there is almost always a budget in mind and this can vary enormously. Some people will save with a specific goal in mind, whilst others will work more spontaneously considering a budget more realistic to the moment. With an emphasis on planning, engagement rings that cost between £1000 - £2000 generally achieve a good balance of diamond size and metal type. Below this, a metal such as Platinum will account for a greater proportion of the overall ring price. In this particular section we focus on engagement rings that cost £1000 or around this figure and combine these offers with some from our Next Day section for anyone with this budget and requiring a ring by next day delivery. The styles are set up by way of example and can be interchanged for our regular styles of online engagement rings that present the full diversity of styles on offer at Serendipity Diamonds