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Rings for Large Hands

If you're uncertain about which ring styles will suit larger hands, we have put together the following selection of rings—all suitable for bigger hand sizes.

Rings Suitable for Large Hands

Within the Serendipity Diamonds ring collection, many styles suit larger hand sizes. It is a well-known fact that a fine band will rarely suit a large finger. In addition, a small gemstone often appears small when worn on a large hand. For this reason, we have collected together a segment of our ring designs—all suitable for bigger hands. Examples include the Madison, Bowery and Carnegie diamond bubble rings—each with a magnificent arrangement of diamonds in increasing diamond sizes. Alternative styles include rings with a wide setting or split shoulder rings to span a ring finger. Unlike many slim solitaire rings, divided shoulders give a broader look across a larger finger. 

How to maximise stone size when buying a large ring

One of the problems we find, when clients choose a very large single stone ring is the issue of cost. The expense of a large diamond often puts clients off a big stone. In contrast, swapping a diamond for a semi-precious gemstone makes certain sense when reducing cost. White Topaz, for example, is a great substitute for diamond. A large White Topaz will give an impressive show suitable for a large hand. If you're passionate about colour, why not choose a big gemstone such as Aquamarine or Amethyst (which interestingly comes in Green and Purple). If you are interested in a large ring, or have a large hand size we also make rings in oversize finger sizes. We go upto Z, Z+1, Z+2, Z+3 etc. by way of bespoke ring design for women and for men. Contact us for more help on alternative ring designs for large hand sizes. 

Engagement rings for large hands and bigger finger sizes
Daisy, a perfect ring for large hands with an impressive show of diamonds in higher carat weights
Large Emerald Cut Aquamarine Ring