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Ethical Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings


Ethical jewellery from Serendipity Diamonds

Browse Ethical Engagement Rings

At Serendipity Diamonds, we help to improve the lives of people and their communities within the jewellery supply chain. From ethical jewellery to eco-friendly jewellery. We work towards a better future for workers at the start of the supply chain. In addition, we support initiatives to protect the environment. 

Whether you choose a regular design or wish to create a bespoke, ethical item, we can help. Our product knowledge and customer service excel. As a result, we craft high-quality ethical designs perfect for any special occasion. 

All of our team are Fairtrade Gold Ambassadors. As a result, we have extensive knowledge on most aspects of ethical jewellery design. 

Ethically source gold for Engagement Rings from Serendipity Diamonds

We work responsibly to create jewellery from 100% ethical origins. Several years ago, we created one of the first 100% ethical engagement rings in Fairtrade Gold. Our first ethical engagement ring included 100% ethical diamonds. 

Browse some of our jewellery pieces made from Fairtrade Gold, recycled Gold and recycled Platinum. 

Ethical Diamonds

Today, we work with 100% ethically sourced CanadaMark diamonds. We supply ethical diamonds for small jewellers and members of the public.  

Buyers browse a list of ethical CanadaMark diamonds. Each diamond includes a report link and video. We order diamonds weekly. In addition, we update our diamond list each week to keep it updated. 

Ethical Wedding Rings

Further to engagement rings, we craft ethical wedding rings. We make most wedding rings from Fairtrade Gold, recycled Gold and recycled Platinum. 

We create mens ethical men’s wedding rings and ethical women's wedding rings. In addition, we offer a variety of custom effects. These include laser engraving, hand engraving and machined patterns. 

Finally, our bespoke service creates ethical shaped wedding rings. We make shaped wedding rings to fit most settings. We make these in regular and in ethical Gold and Platinum. 

Ethical Diamond Engagement Rings 

At Serendipity Diamonds we work with like minded suppliers. In addition, we encourage our suppliers to embrace ethical standards. 

Our ethical story 

In 2014 we joined the Goldsmiths Registration Scheme. As a result, we introduced Fairtrade Gold rings to our collection. We began by adding ethical engagement rings to our collection. Then, we introduced ethical wedding rings. 

One year later, we introduced ethical diamonds to compliment our ethical ring mounts. All ethical diamonds include details of the mine of origin and rough diamond weight. 

Today, we offer ethical precious metals, diamonds and gemstones for all jewellery.

With other ethical jewellers, such as Cred, Ingle Rhode, and Harriet Kelsall, we pride ourselves on developing ethically sourced jewellery. 

How to ensure your Diamond Engagement Ring is 100% ethical?


Many jewellers describe their jewellery as ethical and conflict-free. Unfortunately, not all jewellery meets our own exacting standards. 

For this reason, we go beyond conflict-free. As a result, we can track precious metals and diamonds back to the mine. 

We no longer rely on just the Kimberley Process. It pays little attention to inhumane acts committed by 'legitimate' governments. 

We go further with 100% documented evidence. We work with our clients to give total reassurance with fully traceable CanadaMark Diamonds. In addition, our Fairtrade Gold comes from Fairtrade certified mines. 

We have been full licensees for Fairtrade Gold for several years. Workers within Fairtrade certified mines receive a fair price for gold. In addition, they receive a premium to spend on community projects. Projects include schools, health centres and clean water. 

Ethical alternatives to diamond - Moissanite

One of the most exciting ethical gemstone alternatives to diamond is Moissanite. More specifically, Starlight Moissanite. We introduced Starlight into our collection very recently. As durable as diamond, with additional sparkle, Moissanite is the ethical, cost-friendly alternative to diamond. Ethical Moissanite engagement rings make an affordable and ethical choice. For example, the ring below features an F colour (standard whiteness for Starlight) 1 carat Moissanite in Platinum for well under £1000.00. 

Fairtrade Certified Gold - Background Information

The following information appears on the Fairtrade Foundation website. Read more at

Ethical jewellery facts 

90% of the labour force involved in gold mining is made up of artisanal. Small-scale miners who produce between 200-300 tonnes of gold each year.  

Around 70% of this is used to make jewellery. Consumers across the globe spend a staggering $135 billion a year on gold jewellery!

100 million people worldwide depend on artisanal and small-scale mining for their survival. Mining rights are generally given to large-scale industrial mining companies. As a result, small-scale miners are pushed into running informal and often illegal operations.  

Conditions are hazardous. Health and safety measures are inadequate. Real health risks exist owing to the use of toxic mercury and cyanide. These toxic chemicals are used in the extraction process. 

Artisanal miners work at the start of long and complex supply chains. They often have little option but to accept the price offered by traders and middlemen. 


Fairtrade Gold miners receive a guaranteed Fairtrade Minimum Price. In addition, they receive a Premium ($2,000/kg) to invest. The Fairtrade Premium goes towards improving their business. Or, into community projects such as education, clean water and healthcare.  

Fairtrade certified miners receive help to formalise and improve their mining and business practices. 

Fairtrade imposes strict standards on working conditions, health and safety. In addition, procedures for handling chemicals, women’s rights, child labour and protection of the environment. 

Fairtrade Gold offers a better future for many of the World’s Artisanal miners. 

Ecological Gold

Under the Fairtrade System, miners work to reduce the effect of harmful chemicals. These include Cyanide and Mercury. Simple equipment includes use of retorts. They make a dramatic difference in processing gold ore. 

Re-captured Mercury reduces human or environmental pollution. Ecological Gold, by comparison, cuts out the use of harmful chemicals. We offer eco-friendly Gold to clients requesting it for jewellery. Limited supply exists within the UK at this time. 


Recycled precious metals for Engagement Rings

We responsibly source all precious metals at Serendipity Diamonds. Non Fairtrade metals come from ethical recycled sources. 

We source Gold and Platinum from regular suppliers. Most source their metals from ethical refiners. 

In addition, we only purchase scrap gold from clients known to us. 

Most of our suppliers are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. As such, the work to strict ethical standards. 

Conflict-free Diamond Engagement Rings

All of our Diamonds originate from regular, long-standing suppliers.  We receive written assurances from our suppliers. These assurances confirm they are from conflict-free sources. 

Diamonds originate from many different countries. Rough diamonds include a Kimberley Certificate. 

Rough diamonds are then cut and polished in cutting centres across the World. 

Most Diamonds are theoretically traceable by their paper-trail of sale. But, only a small selection of Diamonds Worldwide include details of where they were mined. 

One of the only systems to track diamonds from the mine is known as CanadaMark. A unique serial number applied to the diamond tracks the stone from the mine. Not all Canadian diamonds follow this system. For this reason, we favour CanadaMark. 

We include a written assurance as part of the System of Warranties for all items of diamond jewellery. 

Take the first step towards an ethically sourced Engagement Ring

We give our clients full support and guidance on ethical diamond engagement rings. We offer advice without any obligation to purchase. Contact us with any questions. 

We offer ethical metal, gemstones and diamonds for all CAD bespoke engagement ring designs created. Or, call us to discuss your needs or concerns. We will explain some basic details. We advise how to create the perfect ring without compromising the welfare of workers or the environment.  

Ethical Lab Grown Diamonds

Contact us for a quote to create any of our ethical jewellery designs made with a lab grown diamond. Lab grown diamonds provide an ethical option. In addition, lab grown diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds. We create lab grown diamond engagement rings in most styles, with a selection of diamond shapes and sizes. 

Ethical diamond earrings

Enjoy total reassurance when you purchase any pair of ethical diamond earrings. We create earrings in Fairtrade Gold, crafted with 100% ethical diamonds. 

Every pair of ethical diamond earrings include hygiene seals. As a result, we offer 60 days returns on all earrings. 

Our 100% ethical diamond earrings include GIA certified CanadaMark diamonds. Contact us for a detailed quote and availability. 

Ethical diamond pendants

In addition to Fairtrade Gold ethical earrings, we make ethical diamond pendants. Most feature a traceable ethical diamond. We provide ethical pendant settings and ethical Fairtrade Gold chain for most necklace designs.