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Jewellery Inspection, Cleaning and Re-Finishing

For clients purchasing jewellery from Serendipity Diamonds, we provide a re-finishing service for the upkeep of diamond jewellery. Our service involves a thorough inspection, deep cleaning, re-finishing and re-evaluation of each item. We create a new, updated insurance valuation which is returned upon completion. The following gives a brief guide to the steps involved.

Booking in and Inspection 

Once your item arrives we will contact you to confirm safe receipt. Your item will be passed across to our workshop team who will inspect your item of jewellery. If there are any advisory notes or recommendations for additional maintenance, we will notify you at this stage. Over many years of wear, Engagement Ring claws may require re-tipping for example. These are details we will check for you at the inspection stage. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning for jewellery

Your jewellery will then be professionally cleaned ahead of re-finishing. We use ultrasonic cleaners to deep-clean jewellery to remove all dirt, grease and particles that build up during daily wear. 

Re-finishing for jewellery

Your jewellery will be re-finished. For Platinum this involves re-polishing and for items created in White Gold, a final Rhodium plating will be applied after jewellery has been re-polished. 

Revised Valuations

We will create a new, revised valuation for insurance. This will include the original item reference, and details with an updated valuation for insurance purposes. 


Items will be re-delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery, or International Signed for Delivery. For international deliveries requesting Fedex delivery, we will quote individually based on requirements. Please contact us for details. 

Costs for Additional Services

Resizing (if your ring falls outside the timescale or criteria for a complimentary resize) £50.00

Deep cleaning and refinishing. Includes full polish for Platinum or re-polish and Rhodium plating for white gold. £30.00 + £12.00 postage

Administration fee for new insurance Valuation. Item must be re-submitted for revised valuations. £25.00

Inwards insurance if required to cover a high-value item you are sending to us. Requires 48 hours notice for us to note with our insurer.  £30.00

Redelivery by Royal Mail Special Delivery within UK £12.00

When you send an item for us to work on...

If you require any additional work such as engraving or re-sizing, please speak to us in advance. We will ask you to note any requirements on an addressed document when you send us your item by Special Delivery (UK) or by International Recorded Mail.