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Diamond Engagement Rings

Discover diamond engagement rings in our dazzling collection. Browse an incredible selection of ring styles. In addition, we can design, craft and create bespoke ring styles. We work with most precious metals including Fairtrade Gold. With expert help and guidance, discover our sparkling collection of engagement rings.

Buying your engagement ring online

If you plan to order online, our website is fully transactional. In addition to the choice of currencies, we include all taxes and duty to countries including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Europe. You will see the final price including tax at the checkout.

Ensuring certification for your diamond

Diamonds weighing above 0.30cts, achieving a colour grade above J colour with SI2 clarity include a diamond certificate. Typically we favour GIA certified diamond engagement rings. Besides GIA, we work with IGI certified diamonds and alternative diamond grading laboratories. If your chosen diamond grade falls below our minimum standard, we will gladly arrange a certificate by request at the point of order.

Showroom loan service for ring designs

We regularly send out silver sample rings. We provide most sample rings from our showroom collection. These can be sent on temporary loan. For example, the last minute decision for a surprise proposal leads sometimes requires a clever solution. Alternatively, some buyers cannot visit our UK showroom. 

Alternative ring setting styles

Choose from a diverse selection of diamond setting styles. Generally, rings divide into various styles based on a theme, the number of diamonds etc. For example, we separate single stone (solitaire) engagement rings by the diamond shape. In addition, styles such as Trilogy (three stone) rings appear in their own styles. Further styles include Vintage, coloured stone and engagement rings for small or large hands.

Choosing your precious metal

For engagement rings, we don't recommend 9ct Gold, owing to reduced durability. Instead, we recommend 18ct Gold. In addition to regular 18ct Gold, we offer 100% ethically sourced Fairtrade Gold. Fairtrade Gold derives from Artisanal miners in areas such as Peru. Miners receive a premium per kilo, benefitting their communities. As a result of such initiatives, children now attend schools, rather than working in mines. In addition to Fairtrade Gold, both Platinum and Palladium derive from ethical sources. We source both options from recycled sources. Refiners break down existing items, refining both Platinum and Palladium into renewed sources. In short, all precious metals for your engagement ring come from ethical sources. As a result of continued efforts we now offer 100% traceable and ethically sourced diamond rings.

Alternative gemstones for diamond engagement rings

In addition to diamonds, we provide most of our setting styles with alternative gemstones. A Sapphire engagement ring provides similar durability to a diamond ring. As an example, we provide Blue Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, Green Sapphires, in addition to other popular gemstone choices including Aquamarine, Topaz, Ruby and Tourmaline. The versatility of most setting styles means a wider range of gemstone options for our engagement ring designs.
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Diamond engagement rings from Serendipity Diamonds
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