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Fairtrade Gold Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

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What makes Fairtrade Gold engagement rings and wedding rings different?

Fairtrade Gold derives from ethical and sustainable sources. Fairtrade Gold gives buyers a responsible choice for jewellery that benefits the lives of small-scale artisanal miners (ASM) and their communities—working towards positive changes in safety, education, infrastructure, the environment and women's rights. 

How to order a Fairtrade Gold engagement ring or wedding ring

If you would like to order your engagement ring or wedding ring in Fairtrade Gold, look for the options in our drop-down menus online. If the item is available in Fairtrade metal, this will appear on the relevant website page. Alternatively, contact us for a quote on any other item. 

Gold from Fairtrade mines 

All pit miners must be over the age of 18 and cannot work more than 8 hours a day.  A percentage of the profits are invested back into the mine and the local community.  Miners have union representatives from different areas of the mine. These representatives work with the mine owner in order to make changes and improvements in the mine and local communities. Methods are used in the mining process to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals such as mercury and cyanide which can have detrimental affects on the health of miners and the environment. []

Fully traceable Gold

Fairtrade Gold is independently audited in line with criteria set out by Fairtrade International (FLO) to enable artisanal and small-scale miners to improve their livelihoods, giving assurances to retailers and consumers that the miners are getting a fair deal for their work. Under the Fairtrade system, communities of small-scale miners conform to specific standards and are rewarded a fair price for artisanal gold, plus a premium per kilo that goes towards building their community. 

Fairtrade Gold offers buyers the reassurance that the gold used to create their precious engagement ring or wedding rings, has been sourced in a way that gives back to small mining communities, and is 100% traceable with solid ethical assurances. 

Look for the Fairtrade Gold Stamp

All engagement rings and wedding rings created at Serendipity Diamonds feature the Fairtrade logo, stamped within the ring. This will appear as a stamp or laser hallmarked within the item. An example can be seen below. This provides the reassurance that the gold within the ring has been sourced from a Fairtrade mine, and can be tracked from the mine to the final finished piece of jewellery. 

Fairtrade Gold Wedding Rings Example

The following example shows a pair of Fairtrade Gold wedding rings, hand engraved. Most of our plain wedding rings can be hand engraved or laser engraved. 

Fairtrade Gold - White Gold vs Yellow Gold 

It is important to note that the Fairtrade Gold used in 18ct Gold engagement rings is alloyed with other precious metals. It is the gold content itself which is 100% ethically sourced. Most of the Palladium, Copper and Rhodium applied to Fairtrade Gold tends to originate from re-cycled sources. In addition, remember that we can supply Fairtrade Gold engagement and wedding rings in White or Yellow Gold. 

Why do we favour Fairtrade Gold for engagement rings and wedding rings?

We believe that the value of sentimental items of jewellery (engagement rings and wedding rings) can be greatly increased when crafted from Fairtrade Gold. Besides material value, there is a deeper meaning when an item is responsibly sourced with consideration for the miners themselves. 

Fairtrade example of our 'Flow' 2 stone engagement ring design. 

Fairtrade Gold and Traceable Diamonds

All of our Fairtrade Gold engagement rings can be created with fully traceable diamonds. We are proud to offer 100% ethical Canadian diamonds with many of our commissions. There are many leading ethical jewellery designers we are proud to work with. Our photograph below shows a commission combining both Fairtrade Gold and Canadian diamonds. Taken from the Northern Lights Collection, from Arctic Circle Diamonds, available at Serendipity Diamonds. 

The Aurora Borealis Ring, Northern Lights Collection, Arctic Circle Diamonds, designed by Sarah Jordan. (Photograph M. Johnson)

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about Fairtrade Gold engagement rings or Fairtrade gold wedding rings, please get in touch with us today. Most of our engagement rings and wedding rings feature Fairtrade Gold amongst the online options when you create your ring. Look for the Fairtrade option in our drop down product menus. 

Fairtrade community images - kindly supplied © Hockley Mint.