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Art Deco Engagement Rings Guide 

Art Deco has long been an inspiration for jewellery and Engagement Rings. In fact, Art Deco boasts some of the most beautiful ring designs in the World. Like, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco Periods played a pivotal role in design. 

Art Deco styling came from the 1920s and 1930s movement. Inspiration spread from regions including Egypt and the Far East. As a result, designers embraced foreign influence with a modern day revival of geometric design. 

Many of these styling details showed strong patterns and motifs found on ancient buildings. In contrast to true Art Deco rings, modern rings feature certain style elements. 

The Birth of Art Deco Design

Art Deco derives from The International Exposition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. This exhibition took place in Paris in 1925. The style reflects a diverse assortment of designs. 


Inspiration comes from many sources. Some of these sources of inspiration include the work of the Cubist painters. Examples include the painter Picasso. In addition, design from Ancient Egypt and the Far East played an important role.  


Discoveries in Antiquity


Discoveries including Tutankhamen’s tomb (1922) greatly influenced design in the use of Egyptian themes. We see many motifs and themes from India, China and the Far East. 


Strong shapes mix with angular and cylindrical themes. Overlapping patterns appear like parts of a machine. Themes during this age overlap with travel, art, and advances in industry.  


Today, demand for Art Deco jewellery continues to grow. This includes true Antique rings and Antique styled rings. For some further reading and visual references, the V&A Museum feature an extensive collection of Art Deco objects.

Art Deco Jewellery Designs

Precision matched coloured gemstones, and exceptional stone setting techniques appeared. Elegant vertical lines, and bold, distinctive shapes appeared. These gave rise to iconic, and striking designs. 


For example, Cartier’s panther jewellery with pavé set Diamonds. Accomplished design showed strict quality control. Two features of our own jewellery designs. Art Deco Engagement Rings include an astonishing array of designs.

There are many ways that Art Deco styling features within a Diamond ring. Art Deco inspired design works with strong features including fan shaped patterns. Next, an important consideration looks at chosen materials.  


Platinum remains faithful to the period. Platinum builds a natural patina over time. Many buyers favour Antique jewellery with a natural patina. 

In fact, we rarely see true Art Deco engagement rings created in White Gold. Antique rings were typically made from either Platinum or 18ct Yellow Gold. 

Art Deco Diamonds

Popular Diamond cuts such as Carré cuts and Baguette cuts suit Art Deco jewellery. Square Carré cuts remain a great alternative to the Princess cut Diamonds for use in vintage jewellery. In fact, Step cut diamonds feature the same simple arrangement of facets as Emerald cuts. 


Another perfect Art Deco diamond includes the Asscher cut. Many describe light from the Asscher cut similar to that of candlelight. Examples of Art Deco styled diamonds include the Baguette cut diamond. Probably, this is owing to the straight geometric shape of the diamond cut. 


Many people connect Old cut diamonds with Art Deco rings. But, many Old cut diamonds come from the Victorian Period. 


An interesting development included the invisible setting. This setting style hid any metal from view within the setting. Many technical innovations came out of this period. Many such techniques are used to make jewellery today. 


Jazz features a stepped arrangement of Baguette diamonds inspired by Art Deco jewellery design

Art Deco Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

As we already noted, Cushion cut diamonds make wonderful Art Deco ring styles. Antique Cushion diamonds and modern Cushion cuts exist. A cushion cut diamond features a pillow shaped profile. The shape is a soft square with polished edges. 

Many vintage ring lovers choose a Cushion cut owing to the rarity of Cushion cut engagement rings. 

Princess cut vs Carré cut Diamonds

We create the Art Deco Ring with two diamond options. Our first diamond shape is the Princess cut diamond. With over 70 facets, Princess cut diamonds give plenty of sparkle. 

For a different look, we make this same ring with a square Carré cut diamond. Although difficult to source, we make this design with both diamond choices. Most clients prefer a Princess cut. Occasionally, we craft this design with a Carré cut diamond. 

Commission the Perfect Deco Ring at Serendipity Diamonds

Create the perfect ring at Serendipity Diamonds with help from our expert team of jewellers. We design, handcraft and create amazing Art Deco inspired jewellery designs. We work with a full selection of gemstones and precious metals with in-depth guidance and help. Contact us for more information on our bespoke engagement ring service

Art Deco Wedding Rings to Match

Discover some of our amazing Art Deco wedding rings. We work to create matching designs, or styles in their own right. From intricate hand engravings to simple, Deco style bands, we create most styles. Our Deco wedding ring example below shows the Rococo wedding ring from our collection.