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Engagement Ring and Jewellery Insurance

One of our strong recommendations following the purchase of an expensive diamond ring relates to insurance. We advise that all clients arrange insurance of their item to safeguard themselves against theft, loss and damage. Insurance provides important peace of mind to diamond jewellery owners and for this reason we recommend T. H. March for jewellery and engagement ring insurance. 

T. H. March are one of the country's leading jewellery insurance specialists, providing cover and advice from several offices located between Dublin, Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Sevenoaks and Plymouth. 

Get a quote from T. H. March jewellery insurance specialists. 

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Why Insure Your Engagement Ring?

Arranging a separate policy for your item(s) of jewellery can often work out less expensive than insuring them as named items on a home insurance policy. The jewellery insurance policy will most likely be more comprehensive offering additional cover for peace of mind. From the moment you have an item of jewellery in your possession, ensure the item is covered by insurance. Theft, loss and damage are almost always unexpected. Preparing insurance cover for your jewellery will provide reassurance in the event of loss, damage or theft. Many stand alone jewellery policies ensure quick resolutions when claims are made, and claims will not affect your home cover and home insurance premiums. Two distinct advantages along with specialised advice and potentially lower premiums.

Important Steps to Take

Remember that even if your items is covered by insurance, and replaced, the sentimental value can never be replaced. For this reason, consider the following advice to ensure the safety of your jewellery.

  • When staying in hotels place unworn jewellery in the room safe
  • Don't leave jewellery unattended in vehicles
  • Carry jewellery within your hand luggage when travelling by plane
  • Keep your rings on when washing hands in public
  • Take care removing gloves on cold days
  • Check bracelet / necklace clasps regularly
  • Ensure ring settings are checked by your jeweller
  • Don't use chemicals such as hairspray around pearl jewellery
  • Avoid diamond jewellery scratching softer gemstone jewellery
  • Ensure rings are correctly sized, not too loose.
  • Keep your jewellery valuations up to date
  • Remove jewellery at home for manual work
  • Ensure home door and window locks are in good order
  • Keep keys at home out of locks and sight
  • If you have a burglar alarm at home, ensure it is used and in good working order
  • Ensure insurance policies are renewed annually
  • Check small print on policy regarding overseas travel

These are just a few words of advice, to help protect your jewellery, but seek the advice of specialists such as T. H. March for further guidance on insuring your items.

Photography Services for Jewellery Insurance

At Serendipity Diamonds we provide one of the only photography services for jewellery insurance, specialising in high resolution jewellery photography. Clients can send items to photograph, or alternatively and appointment can be made to visit and wait whilst photographs are taken. As part of our service, we email multiple views, in large file sizes, accurately recording your jewellery design. 

Why commission a photograph of your jewellery?

In case of theft or loss, you will have detailed photography useful for two main reasons. Firstly you can prove the existence of your item to the insurer. Secondly in the event that the item has to be replicated, you have a visual record of the design to show your jewellery working on creating the replacement commission. 

How much do photographs cost?

We use a state of the art studio to create photography with all details clearly visible. Prices start from £50.00 to £300 depending on requirements. We can also provide group photographs to capture numerous items within the same shot. Turnaround time is approximately 24-48 hours for photographs to be sent. 

Hallmark photography

Available to jewellers, public and insurers, we can provide clear photographs of hallmarks and markings within rings. Photography commissions can be adapted to suit individual circumstances. Below is an example of a high resolution photograph of a diamond ring, showing milgrain detail and each small 1mm diamond set into the halo and shoulders of the ring. 

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