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Chocolate Brown Diamonds

The reference to chocolate beautifully describes the rich brown colour of many naturally coloured Diamonds. Trademarked in 2009, Le Vian registered the specific term chocolate Diamonds for their jewellery range specialising in jewellery containing brown Diamonds. 

Although chocolate describes the colour well, we describe this type of Diamonds more accurately as a natural brown Diamond, available in many shades from light brown to dark brown across a range of clarity grades. 

Selecting Brown Diamonds

At Serendipity Diamonds, we will only work with natural brown Diamonds with a rich warm brown colour. We don't work with treated colour. We select a very specific rich, chocolate hue, favouring Diamonds with VS1 or VS2 clarity to ensure that each stone produces the desired brilliance. 

One of our carefully selected natural brown VS clarity Diamonds

The History of Brown Diamonds

Brown diamonds account for some of the first set into jewellery. The Romans used brown Diamonds in their natural crystal form, set into rings. There are many descriptive terms for brown Diamonds, describing the tone of the colouration. The brown colouration is the result of internal grain formations, causing an optical effect, producing the brown colouration. The same can be said for pink Diamonds. For this reason, both pink and brown diamonds are usually found within the same Diamond mines. The Argyle Diamond Mine in W. Australia produces a large quantity of this colour.

Diamond Commissions

We have a limited availability of rich brown VS clarity Diamonds. For this reason, we selectively create custom made jewellery commissions. Brown Diamonds work wonderfully well with Yellow or Rose Gold. 

Rose Gold and Brown Diamonds

We create both Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings using 18ct Rose Gold. Brown Diamonds combine beautifully with the warm colour of Rose Gold. The soft seductive satin finish is a perfect alternative to our popular mirror polish. Both finishes appear within the three ring set shown in the following image.