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Precious Metal Weight Conversion - Weight Conversion Chart

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Converting the weight of one precious metal to another.

The chart below can be used for reference, to calculate an approximate weight for most of the precious metals. Since most precious metals have varying densities, any given quantity of metal will weigh differently depending on the choice. The chart is a straightforward and easy to use. Most of the jewellery industry tend to use 18ct Gold as a based weight for reference, when specifying jewellery weight, unless reference is to a specific item and the metal. The chart below can be applied to a range of metals including Platinum, Palladium, Gold, Silver and wax.

Step by Step Conversion

Example : Item in 18ct White Gold weighing 5g we wish to find out the equivalent weight in Platinum.

Step 1. Choose the metal for your item. e.g. 18ct Gold down the left hand side.

Step 2. Find the metal you wish to convert the weight to along the top of the chart. e.g Platinum.

Step 3. Multiply your known weight of the item by the figure in the box. 1.34 for this example.

An item weighing 5g in 18ct White Gold would therefore equal (5 x 1.34) = 6.70g in Platinum.