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Split Shank Engagement Rings

What is a split shank engagement ring?

Split shank Engagement Rings feature dividing shoulders. Forked in appearance, shoulders can be either plain or Diamond set. Flowing from the band itself, each shoulder divides towards the setting. This setting varies between a solitaire, cluster or halo design.

Unusual Split Shank Ring Design

View the flow design

The 'Flow' Engagement Ring design differs from almost all split-shank Engagement Ring styles. The split within this shank is not at each shoulder but across the entire band. Here we see the matching shaped Wedding Band with a split design, designed to complement the overall look and feel of the ring. 

Timescale 4 weeks. Price starts from £895.00 upwards.

Split Shoulder Engagement Ring

View the Elsa ring

The 'Elsa' Engagement Ring features a simple open setting to allow light to flood through the Diamond. Supported on four sides, each shoulder forks to split the shank towards each claw surrounding the Round Brilliant cut Diamond. This split shank Engagement Ring is available in a very wide choice of precious metal and Diamond options. 

Timescale 4 weeks. Price starts from £547.00 upwards.

Gatsby Split Shank Vintage Ring

The Gatsby ring design carries all of the Vintage detail of 1920's and 1930's Engagement Ring styles. Pavé set Diamond shoulders divide towards a decadent halo, set with dazzling white Brilliant cut Diamonds below a pale blue Sapphire. 

One ring available in Platinum, size L / L+1/2.  Price £1800.00 .

Split Diamond Shoulders

View the Juliette ring

The Juliette Engagement Ring includes tiny claw set double shoulders derived from a split shank Engagement Ring design. The step-cut Emerald Diamond sits lengthways within a four claw setting in a truly beautiful ring design with additional sparkle from double Diamond set shoulders. 

Price from  £2275 00.

Elegant Split Diamond Shoulders 

See more

The Daphne Engagement Ring design is compass set with claws oriented North-East-South-West, flowing from a split shank and Diamond set shoulders. This fine, elegant design captivates with a beautiful balance of beauty and graceful styling. 

Price from  £1100. 00.

Do engagement ring shoulders vary so much?

Indeed they do. There are so many different types of engagement ring shoulders, the split shank design happens to be just one. At Serendipity Diamonds, we feature so many different split shank ring designs in addition to single shank styles. 

Why choose a split shank ring design?

There are many reasons to choose a split shank Engagement Ring style. This type of Engagement Ring especially suits anyone with larger hands looking for a ring that will give a broader appearance. Split shank ring styles with a single Diamond (solitaire setting) are narrower on account of the Diamond size. By contrast, halo settings enable a much wider fork, or split for the shoulders. The result is a much wider Engagement Ring. 

Why choose a ring with split shoulders?

Split shank Engagement Rings feature with and without Diamonds. The appearance will vary depending on the size of the main Diamond. Smaller results in a less pronounced 'fork' and larger results in a widening to accommodate the stone size. 

Please remember that Diamond set shoulder can make sizing the ring difficult. Choose plain shoulders if you plan to make future alterations to the finger size. 

Our new 'Elsa' design benefits from graceful styling, featuring the distinctive split shoulders to secure a beautifully cut Round Brilliant cut Diamond.

Bespoke design for split shoulder Diamond rings

We can create any envisaged design, via our custom design service, or can identify how to provide you with the exact style you are looking for. For more information, contact us with as many details of your enquiry as possible, indicating any preference you have for the precious metal, carat weight and Diamond specifications required, or alternatively provide a ball-park budget so we can make suggestions with the best possible advice to achieve the perfect Engagement Ring.