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A Guide to Flawless Diamonds

Buying a D Colour Internally Flawless Diamond

D Flawless diamonds are prized for their exceptional colour and clarity. To be graded D Flawless, diamonds achieve the highest possible colour and clarity grade. Under very strict laboratory conditions, only the finest, whitest diamonds are certified D colour and IF clarity. 

The Distinction Between D IF and D Flawless

A subtle difference exists between D colour Internally Flawless and D colour Flawless. Invisible to the naked eye, only a trained gemmologist can recognise this difference. Flawless diamonds have no internal inclusions and no external blemishes. 

Why are D IF diamonds so much more expensive?

The reason why D IF diamonds are so much more expensive than other grades comes from the rarity of high colour and high clarity diamonds. We know that diamond value is determined by the 4 C's of diamond grading - colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. D colour is the rarest and best whiteness. Furthermore, IF stands as the rarest clarity grade. There is a very small proportion of the World's diamonds achieving a colour and clarity grade of D IF.

Buying a D colour IF clarity diamond

If you're considering the purchase of a D colour IF clarity diamond, we are happy to source any diamond. Our diamond concierge service links to an enormous diamond trading network across the World. Please contact us for more guidance on finding the perfect D Internally Flawless diamond. 

Minimum Sizes for D colour IF clarity diamonds

Please note that there are very few certified diamonds below 0.30cts achieving D colour and IF clarity. We frequently receive orders for D IF 0.25cts diamonds. If diamonds are unavailable at this size, we will contact you to advise on alternative diamonds close to this colour and clarity combination. 

Are D IF diamonds certified?

Never accept a D colour IF clarity diamond without an internationally recognised diamond grading certificate. Laboratories including GIA, IGI and HRD provide the assurance of accurate grading. Buyers should insist upon a diamond grading certificate for their diamond. GIA certified diamonds typically include the certificate number laser inscribed on the outer girdle of the diamond. 

Ethical D Flawless diamonds. 

It may be possible to source a D IF diamond with a specific origin. We regularly source CanadaMark diamonds with 100% traceability back to the mine. In addition, CanadaMark diamonds provide the additional assurance that the stone has been mined 100% ethically. Please read our information on CanadaMark diamonds. Due to the high colour and clarity of CanadaMark rough diamonds (originating in the Ekati and Diavik mines) it is very likely we can source an ethical CanadaMark diamond in D colour IF clarity. 

A note on Flawless diamond engagement rings

If you're considering a Flawless diamond engagement ring, there are 2 main reasons why many buyers select this option within our engagement rings section of the website. Firstly, some buyers think it necessary to choose this option for a clear looking diamond. Other buyers seek D colour and IF clarity specifically for the very best colour and clarity combination. Please remember that it is not necessary to choose IF clarity for a visibly clear diamond. We recommend VS1 clarity for this reason.