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A Guide to Diamond Fluorescence?

Diamond fluorescence is the emission of light after a substance has absorbed UV radiation. If the emission ceases upon removing the radiation, this substance is said to exhibit fluorescence. Its presence will be noted on most Diamond certificates and something you may or may not be aware of. Put very simply, some Diamonds emit visible light when viewed under invisible ultraviolet radiation (UV light.) This can affect Diamond colour i.e. the whiteness of a Diamond as graded by letters of the alphabet beginning with D colour at the highest whitest level. (See also Diamond colour) 

Why does my Engagement Ring glow when I am out at night?

We have often been asked this, and the presence of UV light in certain night-spots (clubs and pubs) may result in some but not necessarily all of your Diamonds glowing.

Different strengths of fluorescence can be exhibited in Diamonds, brought about by the presence of sub-microscopic particles. It is one of the identifying characteristics of a particular Diamond and can be seen sometimes in daylight and under some artificial lights due to the presence of UV radiation. Diamonds will most frequently fluoresce with a blue tint. The presence does often affect the price of a Diamond, with strongly fluorescent stones demanding slightly lower prices. 

Occasionally a slightly milky appearance to the Diamond can be found when fluorescing with greater strength. It is, therefore, necessary to view such Diamonds "in the flesh" as this slight milkiness will often not be observed. When slightly lower coloured Diamonds (e.g. J - L) exhibit this characteristic, it can actually improve Diamond colour when looking down into the Diamond. From the side of the stone, in a white environment, the true colour will, however, be evident. If you feel strongly about not having fluorescent diamonds, we will make sure that your Diamonds do not exhibit this characteristic. It is a simple process of checking under an ultraviolet lamp when sorting the loose Diamonds, prior to being sent to the setter.