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Bespoke Daisy Diamond Earrings

This exceptional pair of bespoke diamond Daisy earrings were crafted from an assortment of diamonds re-cycled into 18ct Yellow Gold. As part of our bespoke design work, we were asked to create a pair of earrings from re-cycled diamonds in existing jewellery. We provided additional diamonds, matched to the original stones to create a full set of diamonds.

Bespoke Daisy Diamond Earrings  Main Image

This is a bespoke product, it cannot be ordered directly. Please fill in this contact form if you would like something similar hand crafted just for you.

Bespoke Diamond Daisy Earrings

Working with re-cycled and re-purposed diamonds taken from existing jewellery, this bespoke pair of Daisy diamond earrings were designed around our clients salvaged diamonds. Following additional jewellery re-modelling work, our client had a selection of small diamonds left over. Talking through options with us, she decided to commission a pair of 18ct Yellow Gold bespoke earrings into which she could add her diamonds. We suggested several styles—all suitable for daily wear. The final earrings featured a floral arrangement of smaller diamonds, bezel set around larger round brilliant-cut diamonds secured with small claw settings. 

Please contact us if you have any jewellery you would like re-modelled, or if you are interested in commissioning a pair of bespoke diamond earrings. We are happy to provide expert advice without obligation. If you require additional diamonds, we match new diamonds to complete a diamond set, for earrings and alternative bespoke jewellery styles. 

Bespoke Daisy Diamond Earrings in 18ct Yellow Gold Re-Cycled