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ECG - Device

ECG Monitor for Heartbeat Engraving

Use the ECG monitor to create your unique heartbeat ready for engraving on your wedding rings. Capture your heart rhythm for a truly unique detail applied to your wedding rings. Refundable against any order when returned before delivery of any related jewellery commission.

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Capture your Heartbeat with our ECG Device

This compact device connects by free App. to most iPhone or Android devices. Capture your actual ECG heartbeat pattern. We provide clear instructions on sending this readout back to us for engraving on your jewellery commission. The cost of £150.00 is refundable upon return of the device in connection with heartbeat engraved jewellery. Just return this device to us before your jewellery commission is completed (approx. 3-4 weeks for most items) to receive a full refund against your order. Upon receipt, download the app. to your phone, register, create your heartbeat reading and email us a screenshot. We will then engrave the heartbeat pattern on the inside or outside of your jewellery. This service is suitable for many types of jewellery especially wedding rings. 

Choose any of our plain wedding ring designs, or view more details on the designated Lub-Dub heartbeat engraved wedding ring page

How to order an item of jewellery with your heartbeat

Ordering any item of jewellery with a heartbeat is fairly straightforward. We have guidelines for ordering a heartbeat wedding ring on our heartbeat wedding ring page giving you an idea of the process. 

To add a heartbeat to another item, please feel welcome to contact us for guidance. We are happy to advise on the suitability of other types of jewellery to add this unique effect. Jewellery including Signet rings, and men's cufflinks can be engraved with heartbeats, along with other designs. 

Showroom Appointments

Please note that appointments are available in our Ryde showroom to obtain your ECG readout if you prefer to visit us in person. 

ECG device for heartbeat engraving
Yellow gold wedding ring engraved with a heartbeat around the outside of the ring