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Satin Fingerprint Ring

This satin fingerprint ring features an applied brushed matte finish to the outer surface of a slight court band. In addition, the ring includes a detailed laser engraved fingerprint engraving to the outer surface of the 5mm wide band.

Satin Fingerprint Ring  Main Image

This is a bespoke product, it cannot be ordered directly. Please fill in this contact form if you would like something similar hand crafted just for you.

Satin Fingerprint Ring

We create satin fingerprint rings with engravings applied to the inside or outside of any plain band. That is to say, any medium or heavy weight wedding ring. For each plain wedding ring style, clients choose their style, width, engraving and finish. In addition, we offer most precious metal types. A satin ring finish varies to a mirrored (shiny) finish. Alternative descriptions include matte and brushed to describe the finish. Our process ensures a precision engraving. Furthermore, we laser engrave each fingerprint before finishing the ring. With a simple, dull sheen, the satin finish remains a popular choice. This is especially true for men's wedding rings. 

The satin fingerprint ring shown above features a slight court profile. In detail, the 5mm width allows sufficient space for the fingerprint. Our service includes a free fingerprint engraving kit. After receiving your print, we create clear artwork ahead of engraving. Finally, after approximately 4 weeks, we hand deliver your completed satin fingerprint ring by secure courier to your door. 

Satin Fingerprint Ring