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Pavé Eternity Bands

Pavé diamond eternity rings, created in both simple and opulent micro-pavé diamond settings with precision set small melee diamonds in Platinum, Palladium and 18ct Gold.

An Introduction to Pavé Eternity Rings

The critical element and detail of a pave set diamond eternity ring, is the presence of the very fine pave or micro-pave aspect that defines this ring style. Our setter applies many small diamonds within a small area to coat the surface with diamonds. We create amazing pave set eternity ring styles in both half and full set designs, featuring tiny brilliant-cut diamonds quite literally paved across the ring design. We use F/G colour and VS clarity diamonds for exceptional brilliance and commissions arrive in 4-5 weeks, beautifully presented an immaculately polished—coming by secure courier to your door. We deliver across the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and beyond.

Why a Choose Pavé Setting Style?

Many buyers choose pavé set diamond rings for the diamond-encrusted appearance. The technique covers a precious metal surface with faceted diamonds. As a result, any pavé set piece of jewellery glistens and sparkles with a textured appearance. Some jewellery designs mix sections of coloured gemstones to contrast with white diamonds. 

How are Pavé Diamond Eternity Rings Made?

Two techniques exist for the pavé setting style. One technique involves working the plain surface of the Platinum or Gold. Our setter forms small beads to hold each diamond using this method. Another method models each setting by CAD design. Using this technique, each micro-setting exists in the original design ready for the diamond setter. 

The following video clip shows the effect of pavé diamond shoulders between a Pink Sapphire. This ring comes from our showroom ready-made collection. 

Matching a pave engagement ring with eternity band

As part of our service, we match pavé engagement rings to suitable eternity bands set with pavé diamonds. We design, make, set and finish eternity rings to match any engagement ring design. We pay attention to specific details including the depth of the band and width. Also, where the diamond shoulders start and finish. We design the matching eternity band to align with diamonds in the engagement ring.