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Precious Metals

We have provided the following guidance notes for you below to help you make a more informed purchase. Please contact us if you would like any additional support ahead of placing your orders. 

18ct White Gold (750)

Also available in Fairtrade Gold 

18ct white gold has the brightest, whitest jewellery finish. Finished with a plating of white Rhodium, 18ct white gold is actually very slightly tinted. After your finished jewellery has been polished, we apply a hard ultra-white Rhodium plating to the surface of jewellery. This Rhodium plating can wear to reveal the natural off-white colour of the natural metal beneath but can be easily and inexpensively re-finished. Rhodium is harder and more scratch resistant than some metals including Platinum and Palladium and provides a protective coating to your jewellery.

18ct white gold is 75% pure gold, denoted by a 750 stamp within your hallmark. For engagement rings other alloys include Silver (3%), Copper (12.5%) and Palladium (9.5%). For wedding rings this is Gold (75%) Silver (7.5%) Copper (3.5%) and Palladium (13%). Other metals added improve the hardness and colour of the metal. 18ct white gold remains one of the most popular metal choices for jewellery. 

18ct Yellow Gold (750)

Also available in Fairtrade Gold

18ct yellow gold is 75% pure gold, hallmarked with a 750 stamp to denote this purity. For engagement rings, white gold settings are popular above yellow gold bands to complement diamond colour. 18ct yellow gold has recently risen again in popularity as alongside the ever popular white gold version of this metal. 

18ct yellow gold is a blend of alloys. Engagement rings typically contain 75% gold, alloyed with Silver (16%) and Copper (9%)

18ct gold is harder wearing than 9ct gold. Many people assume that since pure gold is too soft for jewellery, alloys with more impurities will be harder. 18ct gold is actually harder than 9ct gold and is recommended for greater durability with better hypo-allergenic properties compared to 9ct gold. 

Did you know we can create 18ct yellow gold rings with Platinum settings? Contact us for a personal quote. 

18ct Rose Gold (750)

18ct rose gold possesses a warm copper colour and is a beautiful alternative to the popular white and yellow gold options. We create most of our engagement rings and wedding rings in 18ct rose gold. We can also provide a combination of more than one metal colour. 

Just like white and yellow versions, all 18ct rose gold is composed of 75% pure gold, alloyed with 4% Silver and 21% Copper giving the distinctive colour to this precious metal. You will see the same 750 hallmark that appears to denote the purity of this metal in each item we produce. 

Rose gold works very well with both white and brown diamonds, and is a popular choice for many vintage styled rings. Our wedding rings can be created in 18ct rose gold in both men's and ladies styles with further engraving options available for most ring designs. 

950 Platinum (950)

Platinum is considered the premium choice for jewellery. The colour of Platinum is naturally greyish-white and polishes to a beautiful mirrored finish, consistently coloured and hypo-allergenic. 

Platinum can pick up wear and scratches over time. Wear builds to a natural patina and is quite easily re-furbished to restore the mirror polish. All of our Platinum is described as 950 Platinum which means it is composed of 95% pure Platinum alloyed with 5% Cobalt (engagement rings.) For wedding rings most of our Platinum is 95% Platinum alloyed with 5% Ruthenium. Cobalt and Ruthenium improve the hardness of Platinum. 

Platinum is favoured by many buyers. It provides a naturally white metal, a third heavier than 18ct gold with a substantial feel. It is 100% hypo-allergenic and is less malleable than gold making it suitable for diamond setting. It creates a perfect mirror polish and stands out as the rarest and most desirable of the precious metals. 

950 Palladium (950)

Palladium is a naturally white precious metal, much lighter in weight than both 18ct gold and Platinum. Palladium has become a popular metal choice in recent years following the introduction of the Palladium hallmark. 

For heavier wedding rings, such as men's wedding rings, Palladium is very popular owing to the lower cost compared to Platinum. 

Palladium engagement rings are less easily sized owing to embrittlement and this metal is more prone to manufacturing issues than other precious metal choices. Although most Palladium rings take between 3-4 weeks to manufacture, we do advise that clients allow upto 5 weeks for delivery just as a precaution.

We do not stock any ring mounts in 950 Palladium. All orders in this metal are created to order with the exception of wedding rings which we carry many stock lines in this popular choice. 

Fairtrade Gold

You will discover the option of Fairtrade Gold across many of our products throughout this website. 

Introduced to Serendipity Diamonds in 2014, Fairtrade Gold is 100% traceable unlike most gold within the jewellery industry. Unlike gold mined by large mining corporations, Fairtrade Gold comes from impoverished small-scale artisanal miners. 

Being part of the Fairtrade system ensures that miners receive a minimum price for the gold they recover. They conform to meet standards set by Fairtrade and their own lives, working conditions and lives of their families and communities improve as a result. 

We pay a premium for the price of Fairtrade Gold but absorb this additional cost to equalise the price with regular 18ct gold products. 

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