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Palladium Engagement Rings · Palladium Wedding Rings

A buyers guide to purchasing Palladium jewellery

Many jewellery buyers know very little about Palladium. This naturally white precious metal continues to grow in popularity. Furthermore, the price of Platinum has increased substantially in recent years. If you are considering Palladium for an Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring, we currently suggest a direct comparison to Platinum as a further option—currently giving buyers exceptional quality and value for money. 

Is Palladium a New Metal?

Palladium is not a new discovery. It was discovered and named in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. He named the metal after an asteroid. The asteroid was named after the Greek Goddess 'Pallas' Athena. 

The Palladium hallmark was introduced on the 22nd July 2009, as a legally recognised hallmark. The jewellery industry had been waiting for some time. The recent introduction has seen Palladium becoming soar in popularity as confidence grows following the hallmark introduction.

Along with the Sponsor's mark, the town mark (where the item was hallmarked) Palladium will also have a fineness mark indicating the purity of the metal. We tend to use a very high purity of 95% Palladium as indicated by the 950 symbol. A third voluntary mark indicates Pallas Athena who was the Greek Goddess of war, but also she was a goddess of arts and crafts. With owl-like eyes, she is well known in Ancient History and this particular metal was named after her, hence the adoption of the mark above. In the same way that Platinum can show the globe, Palladium can represent Athena within the hallmark.

Palladium vs Platinum as a choice for Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

As mentioned above, the following chart outlines the contrasting change in price for both Palladium and Platinum. For this reason, buyers might decide that now is a better time to consider Platinum and compare the relative costs of each. 

Palladium Rings Gallery

Palladium is an excellent metal for Wedding Rings. This metal choice grows more popular year on year. Larger heavier styles, ordinarily unaffordable in Platinum, become available in Palladium options, weighing much lighter, and costing far less. For Engagement Rings, our advice is to avoid small fine details, and opt for heavier settings for added strength. The following are a few suggestions of suitable Palladium Engagement and Wedding Rings.

Palladium engagement ring

Palladium bevelled wedding ring

Palladium set of rings

Men's Palladium diamond band

Palladium as a Popular Metal for Jewellery

Palladium has gained popularity in recent years as a choice metal for both Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings. Palladium is one of the main precious metals available from Serendipity Diamonds. 

Palladium is a member of the Platinum group of metals. It is rarer than the other popular precious metal, Gold. There are differences between each of the precious metals which make them unique. They all have characteristics that are advantageous, and Palladium is no different in this way. 

Palladium has a density which is similar to Silver. This makes it light and comfortable to wear. In terms of weight, a Palladium ring would be around half the weight of a Platinum Wedding Ring. Both Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings created in Palladium are ideal since for very long term wear, they are light, hypoallergenic and will retain the whiteness in the same way that Platinum does.

Palladium Hallmarks

The Palladium hallmark should not be confused with the Platinum hallmark 95% pure Palladium (950 Palladium) receives the 950 stamp within the ring. The following images show real hallmarks. We have two examples of Palladium hallmarks, the first applied to a Palladium Engagement Ring, the second to a Palladium Wedding Ring. The hallmarks both show the sponsor mark, fineness (950 - 95% purity) along with the Assay Office (Birmingham) and optional Palladium voluntary mark (the head of the Goddess Pallas Athena.)

Advantages of Palladium

The distinct advantage though with Palladium is that it has a much lower cost than Platinum. Viewing many of our products—comparing pricing will show this clearly within our menusHolding both Platinum and Palladium Wedding Rings in the hand, one will straight away notice the difference in weight between the two metals, with Palladium being much lighter. Palladium is 95% pure, just like most Platinum sold. As a jewellery metal, it exhibits all of the necessary qualities, making it a very good choice. The advantage of Palladium Wedding Rings over 9ct Gold Wedding Rings, which are similarly priced, is that White Gold requires a white Rhodium plating due to the off-whiteness of the metal. This is unnecessary for Palladium. It is also very malleable, durable and can be brought up to a very high polish, perfect for a piece of jewellery. It is not possible to see the difference between Palladium and Platinum in colour. Both look identical. In fact a simple technique of distinguishing Palladium from Platinum is a mere drop of Iodine. On the surface of Palladium this would dry to a blackened colour, whereas on Platinum, the iodine turns almost colourless.

Does Palladium Scratch?

Palladium, like most other precious metals will scratch. This can happen from the first day of wear.  It is normal for the metal to become marked and scratched and this wear typically builds over time to become more even over the surface of the ring. First scratches are more noticeable owing to the contrast with the polished areas of a ring. Small scratches have greater visibility for this reason. Over time these will wear to a natural patina. Scratches and wear however can be easily re-polished from the ring. Our re-finishing service enables clients to take advantage of our cost-only re-polishing service of £25.00 (UK / EU) including re-delivery. 

Is Palladium a good metal choice for Men's Wedding Rings?

A frequently asked questions relates to the practicality of Palladium for a Men's plain Wedding Ring. The answer is yes. Palladium is a good metal choice for a Men's Wedding Ring. The width and weight of most plain Wedding Rings mean a solid, durable band in Palladium. Once scratched, Palladium wears to a natural Pattina and can easily be re-finished to return the ring to the original, as-new condition. 

Features of Palladium

Palladium as a jewellery metal, requires similar skill as that required for working Platinum. Casting in Palladium produces a characteristically coarser surface than gold but can be worked and brought to an equally brilliant finish as all other precious metals.

Characteristics of Palladium rings:

  • Naturally White
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Much less dense than Platinum
  • Rare but relatively inexpensive
  • Hard wearing
  • One of the precious metals
  • Ideal for diamond setting

Issues Faced by Palladium Jewellery Manufacture


When heated during manufacture, repair or resizing work, Palladium absorbs oxygen like a sponge and the metal can become brittle as a result, often causing manufacturing issues.

Sizing of mounts 

Palladium rings can be more difficult to size than Platinum due to embrittlement. Size reductions require adjoining surfaces to be soldered or lasered.  We recommend that Palladium rings are cast to the correct finger size. Please contact us if you would like more information on our one part designs.

Bespoke Palladium Commissions

We design and create unique jewellery designs in 950 Palladium. Most commissions are cast, working to designs and prices agreed with our client. From engraved and personalised wedding rings, to elaborate CAD designed engagement rings. Custom making Palladium jewellery is part of our weekly work. Talk to us about commissioning a unique piece of jewellery.