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Shaped Wedding Rings 

Made-to-Fit Wedding Rings and Shaped Eternity Rings

Scroll down to view examples of shaped wedding bands created especially to fit engagement rings

Shaped wedding rings to fit engagement rings

We create contoured wedding rings and eternity rings to fit engagement rings. We create all fitted wedding ring styles to sit with engagement rings. We have been providing this made-to-fit service for over 12 years now. As a result, we have created shaped bands for almost every ring style. 

We advise design and craft each ring individually, working to a strict brief. We provide detailed pricing before any work commences. There is no need to book an appointment if you're unable to visit. We advise through live chat, telephone and by email. In addition, we can advise from seeing a photograph of your Engagement Ring. Next we can provide a detailed quote based on all of your requirements. 

Our service creates any style of shaped Wedding Band. For example, we create V-shaped, D shaped, cut-out styles. Other styles include odd shaped, crown shaped, bow-shaped, and butterfly-shaped rings. In addition, oval-shaped, wave-shaped, triangle shaped, and horseshoe Wedding Rings. These are just a few of the possible shapes available. 

Shaped wedding band examples 

The following are just a few of the many shaped Wedding Rings. We created all of our examples by bespoke design. Each of the following pairs of rings were photographed on completion. They appear here to give inspiration. Also, to provide you with a good idea of the quality of our work. Most of our work takes place in the World renowned Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. Incredibly, our shaped Wedding Ring workshop has been shaping Wedding Rings for over 200 years! 

Wedding rings that go with solitaires

Two types of wedding ring fit alongside solitaire engagement rings. Firstly, a shaped band created around a setting. Secondly a straight band. For a straight band to fit, it requires a wedding ring friendly setting. 

Making your engagement ring wedding ring friendly

If you really do not want a shaped band, we can re-model your engagement ring. By doing this, we make your existing engagement ring suitable to sit with a straight band. We re-make the ring. Furthermore, we lift the setting higher. As a result, a straight band sits neatly alongside. 

Precious metals for shaped wedding bands

We work in all precious metals. These include Platinum, White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. In addition to single metal colours, we offer 100% ethical Fairtrade Gold and shaped rings in mixed colours. For example, White Gold and Yellow Gold as part of a 2 coloured ring design. Finally, we work with 9 carat Gold in White, Yellow and Rose. Finally we create Palladium shaped rings, crafted to order by bespoke design. 

Shaped wedding bands to fit unconventional engagement rings

Many of our shaped wedding band styles fit perfectly with unconventional engagement rings. Contact us for ideas, inspiration and guidance on getting the perfect fit for your wedding ring. Examples of unconventional diamond engagement rings include our diamond bubble rings. We have included an example of a specially shaped band in the video clip below. 

Wedding Ring Wrap - Enhancer Ring

Crafted around the Tickled Pink Engagement Ring, this enhancer Wedding Ring wrap curves seductively around the shape of the ring. Created as a one-part design, the Tickled-Pink Engagement Ring literally slips between the frame of the ring design. Small brilliant-cut Diamonds sparkle in a variation of channel and grain settings. 

Timescale approx. 4-5 weeks. 

Shaped ring style for Tiffany Ribbon Ring

A recent example from our shaped wedding bands, featuring a specially crafted Diamond set shaped Wedding Band styled to match the Tiffany Ribbon ring. This design was crafted in 950 Platinum, featuring graduating Diamonds, matching the detail and a polished plain section shaped to fit the Tiffany Ribbon ring setting. 

Timescale approx. 5 weeks. 

Octopus Shaped Bridal Ring Set

Truly a unique jewellery commission, based on an Octopus theme. Both the Engagement Ring and shaped Wedding Ring featured our client's Diamonds, set between the solitaire ring and shaped Wedding Ring. The Wedding Ring curves beautifully to embrace the matching Engagement Ring. 

Timescale - design 1-2 weeks + 4 weeks to craft both rings. 

Vintage Shaped Wedding Band

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We created a vintage shaped Wedding Band to complement the Engagement Ring design. The fitted shape and hand engraved detail ensured both rings work as a set. The underside of the Wedding Ring was left plain and slimmer than the upper section to further complement the profile of the Engagement Ring. 

Timescale 4-6 weeks. 

Pink Sapphire Shaped Band

Flowing around a 5 stone Diamond ring, this pink Sapphire and Diamond shaped design combines vivid pink sapphires with Round Brilliant cut Diamonds. Each Diamond is grain set in an alternating pattern over a gently curved Wedding Ring design. The width and profile of the Wedding Ring has been matched to the Engagement Ring.

Timescale 4 weeks. 

Wedding Band for Pear Shaped Ring

This unique design provided the perfect Wedding Band for a Pear shaped Engagement Ring. The curved profile wrapped neatly around the belly of the pear-shaped Diamond, adding sparkle with just a few channel set Round Brilliant cut Diamonds.  

Timescale 4 weeks. 

Claw Set Diamond Shaped Wedding Ring

Diamond sizes and curvature work perfectly to frame the Christie diamond engagement ring design. Crafted with a gentle sweep around the setting, claw set with 0.21cts of Round Brilliant cut Diamonds across the upper half of the Wedding Ring. This exceptional shaped ring can be crafted in a wide choice of precious metals to order. 

Timescale 5-6 weeks. 

Gently Curved Wedding Ring

Styled with gentle curvature, this custom shaped ring includes grain set Round Brilliant cut Diamonds across the upper shaped section of the ring. The corresponding Engagement Ring was far more elaborate, demanding a simple curved Wedding Ring that would complement the design and work with the existing style. Approx. 0.25cts of Diamonds. 

Timescale 4 weeks. 

Shaped with Channel Setting

Channel set Diamonds, and a faithfully shaped design were requirements for this particular ring commission. Crafted in 18ct Yellow Gold, the design ensures a perfect fit alongside the client's two stone bezel set Engagement Ring. Diamonds were matched to the Engagement Ring Diamond colour and clarity to ensure a perfect matched bridal set. 

Timescale 4 weeks. 

Shaped Band Fitting Diamond Bubble Ring

Grain set with 0.20cts of small, Round Brilliant cut Diamonds, we created a shaped ring to fit alongside the Diamond bubble ring R8D001. Crafted in luxurious 950 Platinum, each Diamond was selected for exceptional VS clarity, held within grain settings across the upper section of a faithfully contoured Wedding Band. 

Timescale 4 weeks. 

Twist Shaped with Cutout

Two shaped bands embrace a Platinum twist Engagement Ring. Both rings feature an off-set channel, grain set with 0.20cts of Round Brilliant cut Diamonds. Both rings were crafted in Platinum alongside the original Engagement Ring to ensure a perfect fit. The shaped Wedding Ring and shaped Eternity Ring appear as mirror images to surround the twist setting. 

Timescale 4 weeks. 

U Shape Wedding Ring

The 'U' shape of this channel set Diamond Wedding Ring was decided by the overall shape of the Engagement Ring. Diamond shoulders extend around the curve of the band. The design is faithfully shaped below a large blue sapphire surrounded by a Diamond halo setting. Crafted in 9ct White Gold. 

Timescale 4-5 weeks. 

V-Shaped to Fit Marquise Twist Ring

The Marquise twist Engagement Ring presents a challenging setting shape to work around. Available in both plain or Diamond set versions, we create a faithfully contoured shaped band to follow the outline and profile of the Engagement Ring. Grain set Diamonds feature across the upper half of the ring, matched to the original Engagement Ring Diamond quality. 

Timescale 4-5 weeks.

Heart Shaped Wedding Band

The Josephine engagement ring is incredibly pretty. Styled with two identical heart-shaped Diamonds, and is a unique signature design from Serendipity. Here we see a channel set Diamond shaped band, styled to flow around the setting of the Josephine ring. 

Timescale 4-5 weeks. 

The Split Band Wedding Ring

Unique Engagement Ring styles sometimes call for an innovative Wedding Ring. Deviating from the traditional full band, the split-band-Wedding-Ring faithfully complements the shape of the Flow engagement ring design, contouring to the band itself. 

Timescale 4-5 weeks. 

V Shaped Wedding Ring Yellow Gold

V shaped wedding ring in 18ct Yellow Gold created by bespoke design. This simple design provided a perfect fitted wedding ring solution for a Russian diamond ring design worn as an engagement ring. 

Timescale 4-5 weeks. 

Making a shaped ring design

We have many ways to create a shaped band. One of our favourite techniques relies on carving a wax version of your shaped ring. This wax model is used to cast in your chosen precious metal. As part of our service, we are happy to photograph the wax model to provide a much better idea of how your shaped ring will appear alongside your Engagement Ring. Alternatively, we can 3D scan your Engagement Ring and provide a CAD image to show how your shaped ring will look. 

Shaped Ring Videos

Do you need help? Simple leave a message below or contact us using live chat. We can advise on any aspect of your wedding ring. Alternatively feel free to email us with a photograph of your existing ring and we will be glad to reply with detailed guidance. 

Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring 

Features a channel set shaped Wedding Ring fitted to the client's Engagement Ring. 

Marquise Shaped Ring 

The commission shown below features the 'Poppy' engagement ring design. Crafted with grain set Diamonds, the shaped Wedding Band includes a gentle sweep in contrast to a pronounced angular fit. 

Shaped Wedding Ring and Shaped Diamond Eternity Ring Set

Features a double interlocking wedding ring and shaped Diamond Eternity Ring crafted around the original Engagement Ring.