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Cocobolo - RWG17

Cocobolo Wood Inlaid Wedding Ring

Wood inlaid Titanium wedding ring featuring a natural wood inlay of warm Cocobolo wood within a satin finished Titanium band. 7mm in width, the central inlay measured 4mm in width.

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Cocobolo Wood Inlaid Titanium Wedding Ring

Crafted with a warm Cocobolo wood, enjoy the rich colour of natural Cocobolo wood inlaid around this unique Wedding Ring design. The outer ring measures 7mm wide and is precision engineered in Industrial strength Titanium. Within a shallow 4mm channel, the inlaid Cocobolo wood gives a rich warm colouration. We offer a selection of different wood inlays ranging in colour and appearance. Your completed ring will be satin finished with each inlay sealed with a gloss protective surface. Your inlaid wood Wedding Ring will be created for you over a timescale of approximately 3-4 weeks. Once completed we beautifully package your finished wooden inlaid Wedding Ring, sending the parcel by secure courier—hand-delivered to your door. We provide a free ring sizer and have a selection of loan ring size examples available to double check your size ahead of placing the final order. See the button below to check your correct finger size. 

What is Cocobolo?

Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood originating from Central American tree belonging to the genus Dalbergia. Only the heartwood of cocobolo is used; it is usually orange or reddish-brown, often with darker irregular traces weaving through the wood. The heartwood changes colour after being cut, and can be polished to a lustrous, glossy finish; being quite denseBesides its use on guns and knives, cocobolo is favoured for fine inlay work on custom, high-end cue sticks, police batons, pens, brush backs, bowls, pipes, jewellery boxes, desktops and other expensive speciality items. This makes it ideally suited to for use as a wood inlay for wedding rings. 

Resizing wood inlaid wedding rings

Please note that our wood inlaid wedding rings cannot be re-size. Each ring is created individually as a bespoke commission. As a result, we make each ring specifically to your finger size. We can provide a free ring sizer and we can send out the additional 3 ring size samples on loan to ensure the perfect size. In the event that you need an alternative size, we will re-make a brand new ring in the correct size. We charge a £45.00 re-stocking charge to return the original ring and apply a nominal charge of £45.00 for re-making the new ring in your correct size. 

What happens if the wood part of the wedding ring is damaged during wear?

We offer a replacement wood inlay service in the event of damage or wear to the central wood section of the ring. The cost of this service works out to £150.00 GBP and takes around 2 weeks to provide. Your wood inlay wedding ring will be re-finished as part of this process. 

Learn about Titanium

Find answers to many of your questions on our Titanium and Zirconium information page below. Our Titanium and Zirconium guide is essential reading before purchasing your Titanium ring. 

Titanium and Zirconium information

Find the correct ring size

Ensure you choose the correct finger size by following our step by step process. We advise ordering the correct finger size with all custom made rings. 

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Packaging and Delivery 

We deliver worldwide from the UK where all of our Titanium and Zirconium wedding rings are crafted. Delivery locations include UK, Ireland, Europe, Channel Islands, USA, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong and many other countries. All items are beautifully presented and delivered with free shipping. For deliveries outside Europe, to USA, Canada and Australia, all duty and taxes are included at checkout.  

More Help?

If you need any additional help, please don't hesitate to contact us by online chat, or send a message and we'll respond with any help you need. Our team are on hand most days to provide live support through the chat window on-screen. 

Cocobolo Wood Inlaid Titanium Wedding Ring