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Cherished Jewellery

A collection of pre-owned, cherished jewellery. Each piece is beautifully restored and re-finished to a dazzling new condition. Offering remarkable value for money.

What is Cherished Jewellery?

We buy cherished jewellery from a small number of existing clients. All of our cherished jewellery is pre-loved and second-hand. As part of our service, we fully re-furbish and clean all second-hand jewellery items to restore jewellery as closely to the original condition as possible. Most of our designs feature within our pre-owned jewellery collection in our showroom window. We try to add each item to our website and offer all item with limited availability until they are sold. 

Why Buy Second-Hand-Jewellery?

Many buyers favour second-hand items of jewellery owing to their exceptional value. We buy many items to help clients off-set the cost of a new item of jeweller. For example, wedding rings. We apply a small profit and the cost of re-finishing jewellery and present them for sale in our window. Pre-owned jewellery is typically more affordable and offers great value for money. In addition, many items are no longer produced and vary enormously to modern day designs. 

Antique Jewellery and Pre-Owned Rings

Some of our items fall into the category of antique jewellery designs. We clean, re-finish and photograph all items as part of our work. We then list items online until sold. Our antique designs vary in style with various dates of origin. Some designs carry the original hallmark. However other styles have since lost their hallmark. For example when rings have been re-sized in the past. 

Pre-loved Jewellery with Diamonds and Gemstones

Discover a wide assortment of diamond and gemstone jewellery designs from our pre-loved jewellery collection. Many of our second-hand engagement rings include the original diamonds. From single-cut diamonds to full-cut diamonds and even Old-Cut diamonds. Other styles include gemstones such as Pink and Blue Sapphires, Emeralds, Tourmalines, Amethysts, Topaz and Aquamarine. Contact us for more information on any of our cherished designs.