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Sending Your Diamond or Gemstone

As you may already be aware, we regularly set existing diamonds belonging to clients into our jewellery designs. In addition, we set a wide range of gemstones into our designs. Some clients choose existing designs, whilst other clients opt for our bespoke jewellery design service. The following guidance notes give some advice on sending your diamond or gemstone to us. Please just choose the stage you are at before proceeding with the very next step in our process. 

How much does it cost to have your stone set?

If you are having your diamond or gemstone set into one of our designs, we typically charge £30.00 for this service. As part of this service, we check your stone size to ensure the correct setting size is provided. If you have more than one stone, we are happy to provide a quote based on your individual circumstances. 

Sending your stone from USA, Canada, Australia or any other International Location

Please contact us for additional guidance if you are based outside of the UK. 

Step 1 - Contact us 

Once you have a good idea of the jewellery design you are interested in, contact us for a quote. If you already own a diamond or gemstone, ideally we require an idea of the size or carat weight of your stone. Tell us other requirements such as your choice of precious metal. Please feel welcome to email us or jump onto online chat during the daytime. 

Step 2 - Tell us if you would like inward insurance

We can provide inward insurance for your diamond or gemstone when sending it to us. We charge £30.00 for this service. Please confirm the details of your diamond or gemstone. Insurance is provided on a replacement basis. We ideally require 24 hours notice of when you will be sending your stone. 

Step 3 - Would you like an insurance valuation once your stone is set?

Please advise us if you would like an insurance valuation when your jewellery has been completed. We can provide a detailed valuation for insurance purposes at an optional cost of £25.00 on your purchase price. 

Step 4 - Receive your quote

Once we have all of the above requirements noted, we will email you a quote to approve. Once you are happy with the quote, we are ready for you to send in your diamond or gemstone. 

Step 5 - Next, Parcel your diamond or gemstone

Place your diamond into a padded envelope and write a brief covering note with your address and contact details including full name, mobile phone number and email address. Please include any information relating to your diamond or gemstone. If you have a diamond certificate please include a copy of this where possible. 

Step 6 - Visit the Post Office and request a tamper proof Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope

In the UK, request a tamper proof special delivery envelope from your local Post Office. Ask to send the parcel at the Maximum value by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Our insurer requires that all parcels are sent at the maximum compensation value of £2500 requested when you send your item. 

Please address your parcel to the following address : Please note we advise omitting the word 'Diamonds' from our name. 


186 High Street


Isle of Wight

PO33 2PN

Step 7 - We confirm safe receipt next working day

When your stone arrives, we will confirm safe receipt by email. Alternatively we are happy to phone you to confirm your stone has arrived safely if you prefer. 

Further help

If any detail remains unclear, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone, email or online chat. We will answer your questions and provide any additional guidance you might need.