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Grain Set Eternity

Grain set diamond eternity rings, are set with diamonds held quite literally within grains of metal that are worked from the ring to hold each diamond in precision settings. Crafted in many exciting combinations, choose from several precious metal choices including 950 Platinum, 950 Palladium, 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold and 18ct Rose Gold.

Grain set eternity rings carry a cross purpose and can easily be used for the function of a diamond wedding ring or as an eternity ring. It is purely a matter of personal choice. Grain set eternity ring styles are available in full or half set styles, with varying diamond shapes. Most popular are the round brilliant cut diamond designs. Small beads or grains of metal are formed, gently retaining each diamond in place for a near invisible appearance. Seen under magnification, the grain settings appear textured with diamonds positioned in continuation around the band. One of the advantages to the grain setting is the removal of a ring edge—diamonds can be sized to span the entire width of the ring. Other styles featuring an edge are often referred to as border and grain set eternity rings offering additional protection to each diamond edge. Many of our designs come from the Raphael Collection of eternity rings, precision engineered in Germany. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for your commissions to be created before it is delivered worldwide by secure courier to your door. We offer payment in local currency with all duty and taxes considered before payment.