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Moissanite Engagement Rings

Discover the added sparkle and incredible fire from our Starlight Moissanite engagement rings, backed by 100% ethical standards.

Moissanite Engagement Rings from Serendipity Diamonds 

We recently introduced Moissanite rings into our large engagement rings collection. Following the demand for a hardwearing diamond alternative, we now create jewellery with Starlight Moissanite. Rivalling Forever One Moissanite, this competitively priced gemstone features additional fire and brilliance. In addition, Moissanite engagement rings offer the wearer comparable durability to diamonds. 

Moissanite rings UK handcrafted in ethical Platinum or Fairtrade Gold

Moissanite rings provide an ethical, affordable and durable engagement ring with the look of a diamond. In fact, Moissanites have additional sparkle from greater brilliance. Grown within a laboratory, they come with ethical credentials, available in a choice of precious metals. Many of our ethical buyers ask for Fairtrade Gold for their engagement ring. Or, they request our recycled Platinum option. 

Moissanite engagement ring cost? The price of Moissanite compared to diamond

A Moissanite solitaire ring varies in cost depending on the size of the stone. Set with a single Moissanite, variations in shape exist from classic round styles to Princess cut solitaire designs. For a half-carat sized Moissanite (5mm diameter) equivalent to a diamond, expect to pay approximately £800 for the finished ring. The equivalent ring set with a diamond would cost in excess of £2500 by comparison. 

Handmade Moissanite Engagement Rings

We handmake all Moissanite engagement rings within the UK, crafting each ring individually to order. In addition to our website collection, we offer bespoke Moissanite rings. We provide clients with detailed CAD designs, before crafting engagement rings—finished to perfection. We include luxury packaging to complete the experience. Enjoy secure delivery by secure courier with full insurance included in each shipment. 

We ship weekly to most countries including Ireland, Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia in addition to many other locations. Also, we include all tax and duty to avoid any hidden costs for clients buying from overseas. 

Starlight Moissanite Engagement Rings