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3 Stone Rings for Engagement

Explore a splendid collection of three stone engagement rings. From simple Trilogy settings to unique three stone ring styles. We hand craft each diamond ring to order.

Selecting the Perfect 3 Stone Diamond Set

We personally select each and every 3 stone diamond set. With an expert eye, we match all diamonds. In addition, we ensure the cut of each diamond matches. Also, the diameter and table proportions. 

Our diamond sets match for whiteness and clarity. As a result, we ensure consistency across any set of diamonds. We have over 25 years of experience when it comes to matching diamonds.  

Three Stone Sample Diamond Ring Service

Choose from a full collection online including step cut and brilliant cut diamond styles. As a third choice, we provide many of our designs as samples. By all means, contact us to view a sample ring in the comfort of your own home.

Discover Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings 


Three stone rings make very popular diamond engagement rings. Besides traditional designs, we create modern three stone settings. In addition, we now provide a complete design service. 

Very often, we create a complete ring. Moreover, we make your ring individually just for you. 


Or, some clients send in their own diamonds or gemstones. To explain, we offer a jewellery remodelling service. 


Sometimes, we unset existing 3 stone rings. Next we make the new ring. Finally, we set the old diamonds into the new 3 stone ring mount. 


Popular Diamond Trilogy Rings


We have many popular three stone ring designs. For example, the above video shows our Trinity engagement ring. Shown here, the ring features a 0.70cts total diamond weight. Styled with claw settings, diamonds graduate in size. 


Choose from a wide selection of diamond shapes. For example, round, square, Emerald cut and Cushion cut. 

Precious metals for Three stone settings


We make 3 stone diamond rings in many designs. In addition, we create rings in most precious metals. For example, Platinum, White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. 

In addition, we make rings in two metals. By way of example, a 3 stone Platinum setting with a Yellow Gold band. 


Or, mix White Gold with Yellow Gold or Rose Gold. Did you know we make most ring styles in 100% ethical Fairtrade Gold. Three stone Fairtrade Gold rings make great sense. They provide a premium to help miners and their families in Fairtrade certified mines. 


One of our trending three stone engagement ring metals combines 18ct Rose Gold with 950 Platinum. Rose Gold offers a beautiful Pink shade. This works well with a Pink Sapphire. For example, set between two diamonds. 


Sapphires benefit from a similar hardness to diamonds. We work with vibrant pink hues of Sapphire, ranging from purplish pink to a peach colour. Other colours include Yellow Sapphire, Green Sapphire and Blue Sapphire. 

What is the meaning of a Three stone ring?


A three stone diamond ring has a variety of meanings. Firstly, the concept of Past, Present and Future. Another meaning involves the Holy Trinity. To explain, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


Another trio includes, Mind, Body and Spirit. Finally, three stone engagement rings sometimes stand for a number of years, or Mother, Father and Child. Add your own unique meaning to our Trilogy ring designs. 

Adding coloured gemstones to our 3 stone designs


Please contact us to add any coloured gemstone to our three stone designs. For example, we can provide a Pink Sapphire between two diamonds. Other suggestions include Rubies and Emeralds. 


Finally, talk to us about bespoke design. A recent bespoke ring design featured diamond set shoulders. In addition, we placed a secret diamond within an engraving. See this design in our bespoke jewellery section. 


Turning a solitaire ring into a 3 stone ring style

Turn your solitaire diamond ring into a three stone ring style. Either with matching diamonds, or with coloured gemstones. Transform your diamond with the addition of a matched pair of diamonds. To begin with, we assess your existing diamond.

We measure your diamond and grade it for whiteness and clarity. Next, we pair two diamonds to sit either side of it. Choose a 3 stone design with equally sized diamonds. Or, choose a traditional graduation of diamonds. 

Another choice involves a very slight graduation in diamond sizes. 

Finally, to increase the size of your diamonds, use your stone as an outer diamond. By doing this, we match two diamonds including a large centre stone. Either a diamond, or a coloured gemstone such as a Pink Sapphire, or Blue Topaz. 

Talk to us about different gemstone choices for your ring. In addition to a variety of colours, gemstone styles come in all shapes and sizes. 

Certified 3 stone engagement rings

Enjoy the reassurance of a certified diamonds when you buy from Serendipity Diamonds. Most diamonds graded G colour and SI1 clarity or above include a diamond grading report from GIA. 


We match smaller diamonds to a certified centre diamond. As a result, all three diamonds match with the middle diamond featured on the report. 

Ethical Trilogy Rings

We craft a variety of ethical engagement rings. Choose our option of Fairtrade Gold for your ring. In addition, choose recycled Platinum or Fairtrade Gold for the diamond setting. 

We gladly source 100% ethical diamonds set in Fairtrade Gold. We work with CanadaMark diamonds. CanadaMark diamonds give information on the mine of origin. And, each CanadaMark diamond gives the original rough diamond weight. 

We source all ethical diamonds to order, laser inscribed with a unique number. This number appears on the edge of the diamond. In addition, the diamond report number features on the side of each diamond. 

Three stone diamond engagement rings
Three stone engagement rings - Deco design