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Sapphire Wedding Rings

Discover a unique service for Sapphire wedding rings. Individually crafted, we take into account your specific colour requirements. Next, we design and craft your Sapphire wedding ring with or without the addition of diamonds. Following many years creating wedding rings, we offer a truly exceptional service. Furthermore, we craft straight and shaped ring styles set with a combination of Sapphires and diamonds.

Bespoke Sapphire Wedding Rings

We craft some of the World's finest Sapphire wedding rings. Furthermore, we make each ring individually by bespoke design. Above all, we pay special attention to detail. For example, sourcing perfectly matched Sapphires. Additionally, we create combination rings, set with diamonds and gemstones. Alternating diamonds with pink, blue or green often adds contrast. 

Hand Crafted Wedding Rings with Sapphires

We typically make Sapphire wedding bands in straight or shaped designs. To explain, many clients require a shaped ring to fit to an engagement ring. In contrast, some clients require a simple straight band set with coloured stones. Alternatively gemstones mixed with diamonds. Choose from a range of colours including white, pink, blue, green and yellow. For deep red, we work with Corundum in the form of Ruby for wedding rings. 

Colour Matching Wedding Ring Sapphires to your Engagement Ring

Part of our service includes colour matching. We work from photographs or from your engagement ring. To explain, we source Sapphires to match existing gemstones set within your engagement ring. Additionally, we can match setting styles and stone sizes. Choose your precious metal to match your existing ring. We work with 18ct White Gold, 18ct Rose Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold and 18ct Rose Gold. In addition, we provide 100% ethically sourced Fairtrade Gold wedding rings set with Sapphires. 

Setting Styles for Sapphire Wedding Bands

We create our wedding rings with various setting styles. For example, we channel set stones into some wedding rings. Alternatively, we flush set, or grain set Sapphires into rings. In addition to setting styles, we can mirror detail from your engagement ring. For example, Milgrain edging. As a result, the wedding ring matches to the engagement ring providing a Vintage Sapphire wedding ring look. 

Sapphire Wedding Rings - Bespoke Sapphire Set Wedding Rings