Pear Shaped Solitaire Rings

Exceptional Pear-shaped diamond engagement rings from Serendipity Diamonds. We select the most beautifully proportioned pear shaped diamonds for each commission created. Browse a refined collection of elegant pear solitaire designs, each style chosen to accentuate the beauty of the pear shaped brilliant cut diamond.

The pear shaped brilliant cut appears rounded at one end, tapering to a point at the opposite end. Our solitaire designs offer a unique opportunity to deviate from the more traditional round brilliant cut of diamond. Pear shaped engagement rings typically possess 3 claw settings and benefit from a V claw around the diamond's tip offering greater protection to the more vulnerable part of the diamond. We have simple solitaire styles, including a unique twist design. All styles are available for delivery overseas, with UK, Ireland, Europe, Canada, USA and Australia all featuring as regular shipping destinations.
Pear shaped diamond solitaire engagement rings from Serendipity DiamondsPear shaped solitaire engagement rings