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Ethical Engagement Rings

Ethically made Diamond Engagement Rings 

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At Serendipity Diamonds, we do everything possible to improve the lives of people and their communities within the supply chain. Responsible sourcing involves creating jewellery from 100% traceable sources. Following our work over the last 5 years, we were one of the first jewellers to create 100% ethical engagement rings in Fairtrade Gold, set with 100% ethical Diamonds. Furthermore, we offer a service to supply most sizes of 100% ethically sourced CanadaMark diamonds for setting into our Diamond jewellery designs. 

Ethically source gold for Engagement Rings from Serendipity Diamonds

Ethical Engagement Rings at Serendipity Diamonds

At Serendipity Diamonds we actively encourage our suppliers to make changes to better the lives of workers within our supply chain. During 2014 we joined the Goldsmiths Registration Scheme to make many of our cast ring designs available in ethically sourced Fairtrade Gold. All of the supported Fairtrade Gold engagement rings are shown on our website with a section stating that the item is available in Fairtrade Gold. For any product you are interested in, including Fairtrade Gold Wedding Rings, please contact us to enquire about this option. 

How to ensure your Diamond Engagement Ring is 100% ethical?

With so many jewellers describing jewellery as ethical and conflict-free, unfortunately, such descriptions do little to authenticate exactly what makes their designs ethical and responsibly sourced. We can no longer rely solely on the loose assurances of the Kimberley Process, which pays little attention to workers and the people within mining regions operated by 'legitimate' governments. We go further with 100% documented evidence, working with our clients to provide total reassurance through fully traceable Diamonds (CanadaMark) and through use of fully traceable, hallmarked Fairtrade Gold. We have been full licensees for Fairtrade Gold for several years, and offer this precious metal for most Engagement Ring designs. This includes regular styles and bespoke Engagement Ring designs.  

Fairtrade Certified Gold - Background Information

The following information appears on the Fairtrade Foundation website. Read more at

Ninety percent of the labour force involved in gold mining is made up of artisanal and small-scale miners who produce between 200-300 tonnes of gold each year.  Around 70% of this is used to make jewellery, with consumers across the globe spending a whopping $135 billion a year on gold jewellery!

A 100 million people worldwide depend on artisanal and small-scale mining for their survival. Mining rights are generally given to large-scale industrial mining companies so small-scale miners are pushed into running informal and often illegal operations.  Conditions are hazardous and health and safety measures are inadequate, with real health risks posed from handling toxic mercury and cyanide which is used in the extraction process. These miners are at the end of long and complex supply chains and have little option but to accept the price offered by traders, however low.  

For Fairtrade Gold, miners receive a guaranteed Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium ($2,000/kg) to invest in improving their business or in community projects such as education, clean water and healthcare.  Becoming Fairtrade certified and meeting Fairtrade Standards for gold helps miners formalise and improve their mining and business practices. This includes strict Standards on working conditions, health and safety, handling chemicals, women’s rights, child labour and protection of the environment. Learn more about Fairtrade’s work with gold and precious metals

Ecological Gold

Under the Fairtrade System, miners work to reduce the effect of harmful chemicals including Cyanide and Mercury. Simple equipment including the use of retorts makes a dramatic difference in processing gold ore. Mercury is re-captured without human or environmental pollution. Ecological Gold, by comparison, derives from processes that avoid the use of harmful chemicals with a limited supply now being available within the UK. 

Recycled precious metals for Engagement Rings

Precious metals used at Serendipity Diamonds are responsibly sourced. Beyond Fairtrade and Fairmined certified gold, regular alloys are derived from recycled, processed precious metals sourced from UK and European companies, known within our supply chain. Most of these companies are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, working to strict ethical standards. 

Conflict-free Diamond Engagement Rings

All of our Diamonds originate from regular, long-standing suppliers – invoiced with the reassurance that they are from conflict-free sources. Most of the World's Diamonds originate from many different countries – traded as rough Diamonds – accompanied by Kimberley Certification. Diamonds are cut and polished in cutting centres across the Globe. Most Diamonds are theoretically traceable by their paper-trail of sale but only a small selection of Diamonds Worldwide have their origin clearly evident to the end client. Many of these Diamonds are branded, (e.g. Canadian Diamonds- Canadamark Diamonds)

You can read more about conflict-free diamonds here. All Diamond set jewellery is accompanied with written assurances. If you would like to purchase a Diamond accompanied by specific information on its origin (i.e. where it was mined) we have a small selection of suppliers working with global suppliers operating a programme of full traceability. 

Take the first step towards an ethically sourced Engagement Ring

Please don't be daunted by the process of commissioning an ethically sourced Engagement Ring. Simply contact us and have a person-to-person conversation. We will explain some basic details and advise how to create the perfect ring to give back to the people and environment in some of the poorest areas of the world. Furthermore, ethical Diamond rings give due consideration to the environment surrounding indigenous populations. Contact us today and let's talk.