Fully Set Diamond Wedding Rings

Set with both precision and finely calibrated diamonds, our fully set diamond wedding rings form the core of accented bridal jewellery in an assortment of precious metals.

Regardless of whether a diamond wedding ring is a pre-designed pattern, or a bespoke design, the opportunity exists to own a diamond wedding ring that is either fully set with diamonds, or only partially set. The most obvious advantage to the fully set design has to be the quantity, show and continuity of the diamonds around the band. The disadvantages, however, are the inability to resize such a design, and the additonal cost to span the full outer circumference of the ring. There exist a wide range of ring setting styles, such as grain set, micro-pavé set and channel set for any such ring. The technical skill for each of these styles is very similar although many full set rings these days are machine set, which reduces labour cost and attains a flawless finish. Diamonds are literally rolled into the setting. The extent of diamonds, and the resulting carat weight is usually approximated to a degree, since one finger size will vary the carat weight by comparison to a larger size. We usually quote upon a minimum carat weight for this very reason