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Titanium Wedding Rings

Discover an exceptional collection of unique Titanium wedding rings. Each ring is crafted from durable Titanium, created to order with full personalisation included.

Titanium Wedding Rings 

Our range of Unisex Titanium Rings are Unique Wedding Rings, with different looks and finishes they are a great alternative to a classic wedding ring. Our range features Wood inlaid styles which include Oak, Ebony, Chakte Kok, Ziricote, Cocobolo, Bocote, each wood inlaid wedding ring is precision engineered to order and crafted in your choice of responsibly sourced wood and Titanium. For more information relating to each individual wood please read the product page. We are also on hand to advise on after care with the Wood styles-Feel free to use the chat bar, email, or call. 

Also shown on this page is a range of different engraved Titanium Wedding Rings, with our Roman Numerals styles if you tell us your desired date whether it be your wedding date, the date you met, or any date that means something special to you we will convert it into Roman Numerals and engrave this for you. The Celtic knot design is a simple pattern spanning the entire circumference of the Wedding Band. The Celtic pattern offers a bold and stylish alternative to other engraved patterns. 

The Rune wedding ring brings a complete unique and personalised style to you. Choose any wording you would like and we will translate into Runes for you, we have two different Rune styles to choose from including the Anglosaxon, or Elder Futhark. For a 'secret' message that only you and your partner will understand. 

We advise to ensure you have the correct fingersize prior to ordering any of our Titanium Wedding Rings, Ring sizers are available for us to post to you-Please get in touch for further information. All the Titanium wedding rings can be created in different widths, and also ring profiles if you have specific requirements we are on hand to give expert advise.  

Titanium wedding rings
Titanium wedding bands