Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval brilliant cut diamond solitaire engagement rings, in a varied, range of individual designs, and setting styles, made to order, and available in many options to suit most budgets.

The "oval modified brilliant," as it is technically known, was first cut in the early 1960's by Lazare Kaplan. It is composed of 56 facets usually with a favoured length to width ratio of 1.5:1. The oval should be a pleasing rounded shape, not flattened and not too narrow. A shallow oval might produce a bigger size overall, but brilliance can be lost as a result. All of the oval engagement rings that we produce are purchased with this in mind. We only purchase ovals that will be pleasing to the eye. The other factor to consider is although a spready, large size stone produces a good 'show' it must be remembered that an Oval stone cut poorly, often too shallow, can produce a rather noticeable 'black bowtie' effect in the centre of the stone. A good balance between length and breadth with a sensible and typical depth, within a well cut stone will avert this characteristic. This however is why it is best to talk to your jeweller about the stone, as opposed to purely buying off certificate from an online list. Even if you are unable to visit to look at the stone, you should be advised on your diamond being suitable without such visible characteristics.
Oval diamond engagement ringsUrsula oval diamond engagement ring