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Bespoke Necklaces and Pendants

Browse a collection of completely bespoke necklaces and pendants created by custom design at Serendipity Diamonds. All of the bespoke jewellery designs shown below were crafted individually for clients including complete guidance and detailed design work through to the final custom made necklace.

What is a Bespoke Pendant?

This is used to describe any pendant design created individually and custom-made specifically for a client. Unlike many of our existing jewellery designs, each pendant created this way goes through a complete custom-design service. There is no additional cost to this work. We base our costs on materials, labour and the time to individually craft items using a variety of techniques.

What's Difference Between a Necklace and a Pendant?

A Necklace features a fuller design based around the chain, whereas a Pendant typically slides onto the chain as a separate item of jewellery. Pendants frequently slide onto a chain through a loop or through an aperture in the body of the pendant. Many necklace designs adjoin the chain itself as part of the design. Through our work at Serendipity Diamonds, we create many bespoke commissions. We work with a client's existing item of jewellery, or we create a brand new item from a choice of precious metals. Following a conversation, we usually construct a detailed estimate for the commission. Once approved we proceed to the design stage. Most bespoke items are created by CAD design to incorporate new or existing gemstones. This stage takes around 1 week with a further 5-6 weeks to create the finished item of jewellery. 

Bespoke Necklaces and Pendants