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Patterned Wedding Rings

Discover a unique collection of patterned wedding rings for men and women. We craft each patterned ring using a combination of techniques from machine patterning to hand engraving.

Patterned bands in Platinum, Palladium and Gold


In addition to a selection of plain wedding bands, we create a complete range of patterned rings. Our patterned designs feature a selection of unique cut patterns machined into plain rings in any precious metal. Choose from Platinum, 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold and 18ct Rose Gold wedding ring styles. 


Contemporary patterns for modern weddings 


Our modern designs include the brand new planished wedding rings. We create three variations of the planished design. For example, the mirror-polished hammered ring, or the alternative satin finished hammered effect. Finally a similar design with a machined shiny edge. 


What does planished mean?

Planished rings are hammered finish wedding rings. 

Planished refers to a flattened, faceted effect—a hammered finish covering the outer surface of a wedding band. We achieve this pattern with a machined texture added to a plain ring design. 

Choose our selected patterned designs, or contact us with your plain ring preference. Gold hammered wedding rings give a modern look, enhanced by the addition of a dull, satin finish to the ring. 

Planished wedding bands give a hand beaten look to a ring, popular with modern grooms. 


Men’s hammered wedding bands in Titanium

In addition to precious metals, we create most patterned designs in Titanium and Zirconium. Please contact us for more help with your chosen design. 


Matching patterns to engagement rings


If you would like to replicate an engagement ring pattern, contact us for help. We can repeat the same pattern by machine, laser or by hand engraving the pattern around your ring. 


For example, a milgrain pattern copied from the shoulders of an engagement ring. This concept appeals to brides choosing a matching patterned ring for their partner. 


View patterns in our high street showroom


View patterns, textures and finishes during an appointment in our Ryde showroom on the Isle of Wight. We carry most designs in addition to examples of each ring pattern. We recommend making an appointment with an expert member of our team. 

Patterned Platinum bands 

We create all patterned ring styles in Platinum. We work with 950 Platinum with 95% purity. Platinum provides a naturally white precious metal, durable for everyday wear over a liftetime. 

Do patterns wear away?

Provided you choose a durable precious metal, your pattern will fair well with everyday wear. We recommend 18ct Gold or Platinum for wear resistance. In addition, we recommend removing rings at times to avoid damage to patterns. 

Engraved pattern wedding rings

We regularly add custom patterns, engraving wedding rings by hand. For example, our leaf patterned rings for bride and groom. We created matching couple wedding rings using one design added to both the bride and groom’s ring. 

Sparkle cut patterns 

The Sparkle cut pattern gives the effect of diamonds. Popular for nurses and healthcare workers, diamond cut wedding bands achieve a crisp repeating detail around any band. 

Unusual wedding rings White Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

Select your pattern for a truly unusual ring design. If you cannot see your ideal ring pattern, contact us with an example. Send us a photograph or visit our showroom. 

We will create the exact pattern needed for your ring. Choose from Platinum, White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. 

Our latest precious metal choice includes ethical Fairtrade Gold. Our leaf patterned ring examples were crafted in this ethical choice of metal in Yellow Gold. 

Wedding Bands with Milgrain Patterns

Vintage patterns feature on many of our wedding bands. These include the popular Milgrain pattern. Milgrain adds a row of fine beaded metal, patterned around a ring. Choose from Milgrain edges or a Milgrain pattern around the middle of your band. 

Adding engravings to patterned rings

Rings patterned on the outer face can be personalised inside with a laser engraving. For example, we recently applied a heartbeat inside a men’s Milgrain patterned wedding band. 

Timescales for adding patterns to rings

Please allow upto 4 weeks to make your patterned ring. If you request a fingerprint pattern, please allow 4-5 weeks as a guide to timescale. 

How to place your order for a patterned ring

If you find your chosen design online, please feel welcome to place your order online. Or, contact us for a personal quote and custom order. We send our designs Worldwide and accept payments in all currencies. We ship weekly across the UK, to USA, Canada, Europe, Ireland and Australia to name just a few destinations. 

Patterned Wedding Rings
Patterned Wedding Rings with texture