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Cocktail Rings

Our right hand rings can be used as engagagement rings or as dress rings, depending on your requirements. Also ideal rings for that special occasion sometimes worn on the other hand.

What are diamond Cocktail Rings? Cocktail (or right hand) rings were introduced to provide an incentive for purchasing alternative rings that were not specifically intended as rings for engagement or by bridal wear. Since typically, bridal designs dominate the left hand, it seemed a sensible focus to adorn the other hand with diamond jewellery, having a clear message that the piece did not reflect a particular sentiment. Sometimes termed dress rings, or right hand ring, the cocktail ring has become extremely popular for a treat or special occasion, with many women purchasing such a ring for themselves, simply as a luxury product that they can wear without any implication of relationship. We have often been asked why our diamond rings are split into so many categories, but simply put, people search by many different categories, so it is essential for us to band designs into as many appropriate categories as possible, and to ascribe to these designs as many suitable ring styles as we can. Whether you are wearing such a ring on the left or right hand is of no particular consequence, but the reason for this style, as with any other is completely down to personal motivation.

Diamond Cocktail Rings from Serendipity Diamonds
Diamond Cocktail Rings Aurora Borealis Ring